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Filamentous Organisms

Filamentation is the abnormal growth of bacteria, fungi or algae in which cells continue to elongate  but do not divide or the cells do not separate after cell division and may be in a sheath.  This structure looks like a fiber. This is some of the fibers found in Morgellons.  However, some of the stringy things people see are worms. Morgellons is very complicated and an investigation must be made in every case.

Dictyostelium discoideum

This soil dwelling bacteria has been genetically altered to live in the skin of human beings. It is being used as a bioweapon.
  1. Blue Blinking Nanosensor
    This Targeted Individual has a new system of sensors in her skin.
  2. Follow the Nematode Trail
    Find out about nematodes. Who genetically altered them for Morgellons
  3. Who Made Morgellons?
    Morgellons is a Federal Program
  4. NASA brands man's hair
    Man finds the word NASA written on his hair.
  5. Morgellons is a Time Release Implant.
    Pathogens in Morgellons change and progress in the disease process.
  6. Nanomechanical Radio Transmitter
    Very small devices to listen.