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Implant Videos

Targeting, Gangstalking and Implants
Two young men sat on either side of their Target. This occurred at a Panera in Missouri.  One is sitting in front with a computer and the other sits behind their Target, putting a meter to the back of their head. It is recording biopotentials.

The next day, after spending the night in a Miocrotel, the Target had been microwave radiated, had horrible pains in the lower back, had diaarhea and was awoken with a V2K that said, "Meow" like a hissing evil cat in a man's voice. So the biopotentials they recorded from the back of their Target's head was used to program implants. The Target also received an implant in their throat which makes growling noises that wake th Target up when they are trying to go to sleep.

These two young men are stalkers, trained, programed to commit crimes for the New World Order.  For these reasons, people need to be aware that people with meters, recording devices and phones do not have good intentions. They plan to hurt you.
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