Dedicated to Targeted Individuals


Testimony of an Electronic Rape Victim

January 6, 2016
Hi _________ . I am in __________ Maine. I am the lady who is raped electronically 24-7. They killed a patient of mine in her 90s. They radiated her, every time I went to take care of her I would feel her vibrating and when I gave her water to drink, there was this booming sound-----I would basically hear the sound of the water all the way to her belly. They radiated her simply because she was my patient; I guess her body was too frail to withstand the radiation and she got a stroke. She eventually died a few days later and I haven't stopped crying. Her son is an attorney here in Portland but I haven't said anything to him. The sad thing is I know the people doing this. I just need an engineer who will gather the evidence. I will pay the cost of the investigation and I bet the lady's son and his lawyer associates might assist once he realizes that these creeps murdered his mother and caused her to die on ____________________ 2016.
I have horrifying pictures detailing my torture and rape since _______,  2015.
I feel like my case will cause the TI cause to be reported by the general media.......please these guys have crossed the line. Find me an engineer to come up here and help. I will pay airfare and accommodation and I will pay for his time investigating this.
As I am writing this the creeps are jolting my heart coz they are going into panic mode. If anything happens to me, the patient they murdered named ___________ and her son is __________  ( an attorney in ________________ Maine). The creeps live at __________________, _________________, Maine and they are all into the latest technology. FedEx and UPS make deliveries to their door practically every other day. The parents are from India and speak with an Indian accent, the two teenage boys never come out of the apartment but they beep at passing people and children through their windows. I have moved out of the building coz the rape was so intense and horrifying when I was in my apt. below them (_______) and the burns to my thighs so horrible. Since I moved away the rape continues and the burns occur but the manipulation of my organs is not very intense but all the same its horrifying to be raped all the time, when I am at work I sometimes go to the bathroom and weep but I can’t quit my job. God gave me this job for a have income so I can get justice for me and other innocent victims being radiated by these horrible creeps.
I think they think that they will never be caught since they neuro-monitor my brain, they know my thoughts and what actions I am going to take. Any engineer you find will have to be aware of that and come up with a way that they will not know who he is, when is arriving and such. I want these creeps to be so surprised they will regret the statement they made to, that "Americans are stupid and nobody can program like an Indian because Indians are the best software and hardware programmers in the world". They are very ARROGANT AND BELIEVE THEY WILL GET AWAY WITH MURDER of an innocent old woman.
 Please help!!!!!!!!!
December 15
As I told you I am a practicing _______. I work in a retirement center and I fear these bastards are radiating me and my patients at work. Me I would deal with but they have crossed the line with my patients. I would like to hire one of the engineers to come up here and catch these guys. I know who and where they are but they monitor me every second of the day, so it won’t make sense for me to attempt to catch them in the act. I will pay the engineer and also I would hire a Private Investigator to help collect the evidence to make it admissible in court. These demons are worse than Hitler and are a bunch of cowards who don't deserve to be called human beings. Do not respond to this email. I will contact you via a safe email. Meanwhile I think this would give us positive media and help our cause. I will contact you later today or tomorrow.
December 10, 2015
I am trying to decide what equipment to buy. But is it possible for these people to know my thoughts, because if I start making plans in my mind and thinking quietly about what I am going to do, the torture escalates at that moment in time and they microwave my body. Right now as I am typing this email, the rape and burning just intensified. Also my doctor confirmed I do have a foreign body on the bottom of my right foot and on my right labia. She did not remove them but told me to go back in 2 weeks. I don't know whether to trust her. Do you know of any doctor who removes implants from TIs? Also I think they have an implant in my head otherwise how would they know what I plan to buy and breach it like in a day or two. Example of the conductive carbon, it gave me relief for two days before they breached it and started molesting me again. How can I prevent them from reading my thoughts and plans? I don't want them to know what detection equipment I buy and then protect themselves from it or what protective gear I buy and then breach within a few days.
You guys are my angels. God bless you and the work you are doing.
December 6, 2015
Hi again. You wanted to know my story and what I have done. I am now beginning to realize my biggest crime is being a woman and being black at that.
I was born and raised in _________. I went to college in ________ and obtained my first degree in Education. I taught high school for a year before coming to the USA in _____ to go to graduate school. I arrived on an F1 visa and got a master of science in IT from the University of ___________ in ______. I worked in IT for two years with work permits from the INS. After the dotcom burst i went to nursing school and became an RN and started working as a nurse. In __________, I met and married my husband _____________ and in ______ we were denied a green card because the immigration officer got into a verbal confrontation with my husband. By _______ the marriage was over because of control and fighting-------my husband never held a job for long and I was the bread winner. So in ______, I left him because of domestic abuse and moved to _________ (simply because it was as far away as I would from husband and still remain in the continental USA). From _______ to _______ I worked using work permits from the USCIS----United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly INS) which i renewed yearly.
In __________________ I filed for a green card on my own under VAWA (Violence Against Women Act). A non-profit law firm in ________ called _______ helped me. All VAWA cases are handled at the __________ services center which denied my petition, we appealed but lost and the ruling was written by the director of the __________ services center. The final appeal went to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Washington D.C. and their decision is binding on all immigration judges and Department of Homeland Security officers. The director of ______________ services center who denied our first appeal is a Homeland Security officer and had to obey the ruling by the Board of Immigration appeals and issue my 10 year green card. So I got my 10 year green card in ____________.
No torture or monitoring happened until I moved into a new apartment (a house divided into 6 apts) on _______________2015. Two days after moving in, my upstairs neighbor found me sitting outside on the porch smoking a cigarette. I said hi but he glared at me and said "I don't want niggers living me near my children (by the way these are two overgrown boys who look 16 and 17)". He commented niggers being messy and dirty and said something that only a person with access to my bedroom would know, "stupid nigger, you don’t even have a bed to sleep on". I was sleeping on an air mattress and he knew that. I had not opened my blinds so there is no way he would have seen anything through the window. After this everything went south with him and his wife and sons. His sons watched my every movement when i was outside. When I was inside my apartment they flexed their muscle and every movement i made, it was reciprocated upstairs just to show me we know where you are every time and we are following and watching you. I started feeling these zaps on my arms and legs, at first i didn’t know what they were but after a day or two large bruises developed on the zapped areas. I realized it was them when made me have gas for over 20 minutes in my bathroom. Above me I would hear several people laughing and some saying "oh that is gross." It s like there was surround sound in my bathroom, when i passed gas there was a boom sound from upstairs and laughter and the mother trying to keep the boys quiet said, "Don’t laugh so loudly she will hear us." When I realized the neighbors were behind these i called the landlord and requested to move but the landlord wanted me to remain in that unit. I was tortured with the gas daily and excruciating abdominal pain which made me cry.
The final straw came on the morning of ______________. 2015 when the rape started. I was lying in bed when i felt my private areas being manipulated and an orgasm being forced out of me by forces i would not see. IT WAS DISGUSTING, I WAS HORRIFIED AND IF I HAD HAD A GUN AND KNEW HOW TO SHOOT IT, I WOULD HAVE KILLED THEM ALL. I RAN UP THERE, BANGED ON THEIR DOOR, I HEARD COMMOTION AND THE PARENTS CAME TO THE DOOR BUT WHAT WAS AMAZING IS THAT AS SOON AS I STARTED RUNNING UP THE STAIRS, THE RAPE STOPPED.
I was furious and confronted them about the gas, the zaps, the stalking in my own apart, the excruciating pain, and now finally the Sexual rape/molestation. I said i was calling the police. The father jeered at me and dared me to call the stupid ______________ police. He stated the officers were so stupid they would not find evidence if it was staring them in the face. He said they would never obtain a search warrant because they had no probable cause. He was right, the police believed that this was happening to me but said they had no physical evidence to help them obtain a search warrant. I was defeated. As soon as the police car drove off, the electronic rape begun and it has never stopped since then.
I know the government, the doctors, and psychiatrists are involved but we also have to look at some citizens obtaining some of the hand-held directed energy weapons.
Three days before the rape begun, something suspicious happened, my upstairs neighbor received visitors an older Indian couple in their 60s. The man was in a suit and the woman was dressed in an Indian dress, the sari. They looked like they had travelled international from India to the USA with about seven pieces of suitcases (luggage). A day later they left but with only two small suitcases. As soon as they had left, every time i moved from the bedroom to my living area, it is like somebody upstairs was dragging equipment following me everywhere. Even at one 0100 am, if i went to the living area, the loud noise of equipment being dragged to my direct spot followed me. It didn’t matter what time of the day it was this pattern continued. The rape was intense and painful that i moved away by sept. 20th. The rape didn’t stop but I needed to move away.
I give you permission to share my story now and when these creeps kill me. I feel like they are testing their equipment on me. They are likely working for the Indian government and I know the boys never came outside but spent their days off from school writing programs.
Please tell anybody who can help me to contact me. My neighbor said to my face he is the one torturing me but the police will never find enough probable cause to seek a search warrant. He told me Indians are the best programmers in the world and no American law enforcement can ever do anything. Ask the engineers if there is anything we can do to gather evidence.
Also they seem to know my thoughts, how is that possible? If I think of them as bad devils, i get zapped with horrible pain to my private areas or my head or my back immediately the thought enters my head.
December 4, 2015
hi. thanks for responding. oh my God, I was in the ER ___________ Medical Center in __________ with IV access on a large vein (antecubital) and when the tech came to take my blood pressure she insisted on using the arm that had the IV. When the cuff was tightening on my arm I felt all flushed and screamed out because it is like something was introduced through the IV access and within seconds it spread through my body through the vessels. I started crying and told the tech to stop but it was too late. I tried to leave the hospital immediately but they said I had to be released by a psychiatrist. Thank God the psychiatrist was a NP and she cleared me to leave. That same day I felt like I was being baked alive for two days straight I would not sleep or eat or sit still and on the third day fell asleep exhausted.
Also I think I have implants on the bottom of my feet, the edges of my thumbs coz I have felt something being introduced. Also I smoke but lately when I smoke, I smell a gaseous foul odor and the rape is intense and horrifying but after an hour, its like the amount of gas in my system reduces, the rape continues but it is bearable.
Please send my emails to anybody and everybody being victimized by these devils. Any engineer or medical professional willing to help will be a plus.
God bless you.
December 2, 2015
_____________________, Maine 04074.
An Indian couple from India in their forties live there with their two grown sons (about 16 and 17 yrs old). I used to live below them in apt. _______ before I was forced to move BUT still the torture continues. When I was in my apartment the rape was intense and horrifying I sometimes threw up. My body smells like burning flesh during the rape and manipulation of my body organs. I pray to God to let them kill me. They can think they own my flesh because the devil lets them believe so, BUT they can't own my soul, that belongs to the Almighty God.
Please share my emails with anybody and everybody involved in trying to stop the misuse of these weapons. Some citizens have gotten hold of them and the CUTTING and BURNING of my FLESH while I am still alive is the MOST HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. Any media people that can take interest can contact me. Before they kill me I want them exposed or stopped. I am afraid they are torturing my neighbor’s four year old niece because the little girl liked to play outside with me and I would feel the zaps but at that time I didn’t know what they were.
Please for my sake and the little girl’s sake, get someone to take interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My number is ________________. Please give them my phone number and email address! If they succeed in murdering me, keep my memory alive and continue fighting for victims like us.

If I die please don’t forget me!!!! I have and still continue to be tortured with ELECTRONIC RAPE, cutting and slicing the bottom of my feet, laser cutting on the flesh on my abdomen VAGINAL AREA. The pain is excruciating and the radiation so powerful that the flesh around my vagina is raw and red. I wear a pad every day and there is always blood on it because of the constant 24 hour rape. I think they will KILL ME SOON. They are afraid of what I am doing. I am praying to God constantly and reaching out to you.
October 16, 2015
My name is __________  but I go by _____. I am in ______________ Maine and for the past four months, I have been a victim of serious directed energy molestation and electronic rape.
It begun on __________ 2015 when I moved into an apartment in _____________ Maine.
By the second week there, I knew something was seriously wrong. I was coughing and passing gas like i was being controlled and every time I was in the shower or in the bathroom, the neighbor upstairs was also in his bathroom.
And then on ___________ 2015, the ELECTRONIC RAPE BEGUN AND IT HAS NOT STOPPED. I called the local police over five times but they bluffed it off. The rape is sometimes so painful that I cry for hours. I moved out of the apartment on ___________ 2015 BUT THE RAPE, BODY PARTS MANIPULATION AND VITAL SIGNS MANIPULATION CONTINUE.
And now they manipulate my VITAL SIGNS: I am a ______________  by profession and my blood pressures have gone up to 228/131 (stroke level) and my pulse rate has gone up to 231 (the normal heart rate is 60-100). I think they are trying to slowly kill my heart muscle by manipulating my vital signs and then induce a HEART ATTACK OR A STROKE, then it will appear like I died of natural causes.
I have gone to two different hospitals in Portland, Maine but when I explained what was happening, they said i was suffering from PSYCHOTIC EPISODES. I am so frustrated I feel like ending my life which is what my neighbor and his wife and two grown sons want.
PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! My cell number is ________________. Please contact me.