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Silent Slavery Using Frequencies to Cripple Citizens With Pain and Electronic Torture Contractors in the COPS program perform stalking for the government.
The man above was videoed sneaking up behind a Targeted Individual while their attention was on paying their bill at Publix, a grocery store. The grocery store has become a battle ground where the victim is stalked and radiated in the store. A stalker such as the one above with a meter under his shirt will get frequencies from the TI's shoulders, arms, back and hips and legs and the next day, they will have a new pain in that area. Military technology allows people to sneak in people's homes with cloaking technology and inject programmable implants into their victims.
See COPS program through the Department of Justice. This is a stalker program which uses policemen, firemen, medical technicians and all their vehicles and equipment, veterans, drug dealers and delivery people, ex-police officers, other citizens, including children under 18 years of age. Each city will have a budget for this program.  Send your city a FOIA and get information on who is doing this in your neighborhood.
Cloaked people come in your home while you are asleep. Most Targets are made aware that someone has been in their home and their wallets and purses have been gone through and copied. One stalker made a color copy of a lady's driver's license and cut it out and placed it a the bottom of her computer monitor to let her know her personal information had been compromised. These activities by criminals are protected by the police who already have your information from the state, so the placement of the paper copy of the driver's license in a prominent position advertises the fact that someone has been in your wallet or purse while you were asleep.
A team of persons enter the Target's home or motel room and perform medical procedures and implantations while they are asleep. The government wants your personal frequencies so they can deliver torture through blasts of frequencies using ordinary communications platforms with WiFi frequencies of 2.4 GHz or 5.8-8 GHz. They use technology that can put thoughts and voices in your head, read your emotions or induce emotions and cause havoc with your hearing, sight, sleep and brainwaves. Some jails and prisons have this system installed and radiate their victims without mercy. This is not a legal form of punishment.
This is an illustration from 1945 comparing the same amount of money being enough to support one mentally/physically handicapped person or this whole family. 
Which did Hitler choose? He chose “SANITIZING” the nation of such useless eaters. He emptied the hospitals and asylums of the elderly, handicapped and insane and used doctors and medics to do it. Policemen, firemen, medics, hospitals, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are all taking part in this atrocity now in America in 2015. To Targeted Indiviuals, healthcare is a joke.

Modern Slave Hand

Branded Hand of Slave

A passage from de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum, a treatise on the theory of ethics written by Cicero in 45 B.C reads, "Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit ...," which translates as, "There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain..."--This was picked by Microsoft to repeat on draft webs.
Forced Drugging and Mental Health Torture
If you complain about being assaulted with energy weapons, you may be arrested for a free 72 hour mental health exam. You will be given a history of mental illness, ,psychiatric drugs you do not need, implants which are the tools to electronically enslave you, or they keep you  in a mental hospital with the false testimony of doctors and nurses. This scenario is being played out over and over again on unsuspecting victims.

Present Torture

Old Time Torture

Slaughter of Americans with False Flag Wars
A frequency war is raging against the American people.  War was declared on 9-11 by the US government who knew and contracted for this false-flag event to occur. This event was a massacre of at least 3,500 people was carried out in New York when the twin towers were brought down by a demolition company, and a combination of technologies using an energy source so intense that the steel was turned into molten puddles. There has never been an event where a steel building was destroyed by fire alone. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to turn steel into liquid. Jet fuel burns at 815 C (1472 F.) and steel melts at 1538 C. Explosives, thermite, scalar energy, missiles or HAARP had to be used to accomplish the destruction that occurred. There were other buildings not hit by planes that fell down according to classic demolition (fall time, symmetry, dip in the middle).  There were also illegal money deals that needed a coverup that prove the motives behind destroying evidence and providing a diversion from the truth.
We are now living in the New World Order. People are now objects to be disposed of and have no rights at all. Cowardly strategies are being used to reduce the population of the world.
Beyond Therapy which was written by the President’s Council on Biotechnology and Bioethics in 2003, describes the future of your children in terms of the Pursuit of Happiness (for those who are chosen to survive “sanitization”). This includes:
  • having better children (abortion of anyone imperfect in the womb),
  • superior performance (implants and drugs),
  • ageless bodies (eternal life through cloning, genetic alteration and transplants)
  • happy souls (via drugs).
This will be accomplished by:
  • monitoring babies in the womb and aborting babies that are not perfect,
  • allowing only certain people to marry and have children naturally, and
  • choosing the sex of children to control the number of males or females in the population
  • School children would be controlled with drugs.
There would be no mentally or physically handicapped persons anywhere because they will all be killed. The end result is a society totally controlled by the government who is in charge of every cell in your body and your mind. Any thoughts would be controlled with frequency because your brain waves which answer to frequencies like a cell phone does, will be monitored and suppressed.  There go the arts and music. You will not have anything of your own.  You belong to the government, body, soul and spirit.

What happens when some people take it into their hands to determine life and death for other people? 

Dr. Goebbels took it upon himself to kill his own 6 perfect Nazi children with cyanide so they would not be captured by the Allies in 1945.

"You have to be brave to kill poor people."
--Barack Obama for the New World Order.


Chilling legal memo from Obama DOJ justifies assassination of US citizens
by Glenn Greenwald
Tuesday 5 February 2013

The most extremist power any political leader can assert is the power to target his own citizens for execution without any charges or due process, far from any battlefield. The Obama administration has not only asserted exactly that power in theory, but has exercised it in practice. In September 2011, it killed US citizen Anwar Awlaki in a drone strike in Yemen, along with US citizen Samir Khan, and then, in circumstances that are still unexplained, two weeks later killed Awlaki's 16-year-old American son Abdulrahman with a separate drone strike in Yemen.  Since then, senior Obama officials including Attorney General Eric Holder and John Brennan, Obama's top terrorism adviser and his current nominee to lead the CIA, have explicitly argued that the president is and should be vested with this power. Meanwhile, a Washington Post article from October reported that the administration is formally institutionalizing this president's power to decide who dies under the Orwellian title "Disposition Matrix".

Statue of Demon
at Denver Airport

Stasi Gangstalking

By the 1970s, the Stasi (German Ministry for State Security) had decided that the methods of overt persecution that had been employed up to that time, such as arrest and torture, were too crude and obvious. It was realised that psychological harassment was far less likely to be recognised for what it was, so its victims, and their supporters, were less likely to be provoked into active resistance, given that they would often not be aware of the source of their problems, or even its exact nature. Zersetzung was designed to side-track and “switch off” perceived enemies so that they would lose the will to continue any “inappropriate” activities.
Tactics employed under Zersetzung generally involved the disruption of the victim’s private or family life. This often included psychological attacks, such as breaking into homes and subtly manipulating the contents, in a form of gaslighting – moving furniture, altering the timing of an alarm, removing pictures from walls or replacing one variety of tea with another. Other practices included property damage, sabotage of cars, purposely incorrect medical treatment, smear campaigns including sending falsified compromising photos or documents to the victim’s family, denunciation, provocation, psychological warfare, psychological subversion, wiretapping, bugging, mysterious phone calls or unnecessary deliveries. Usually, victims had no idea that the Stasi were responsible. Many thought that they were losing their minds, and mental breakdowns and suicide could result. One great advantage of the harassment perpetrated under Zersetzung was that its subtle nature meant that it was able to be plausibly denied.
Doxing or Doxxing
Doxing is researching and disseminating personal information for the purpose of humiliating or harassing an individual. It’s also a form of vigilante justice – groupthink or witch hunt. “Doxing” is a neologism that has evolved over its brief history. It comes from a spelling alteration of the abbreviation “docs” (for “documents”) and refers to “compiling and releasing a dossier of personal information on someone”. Essentially, doxing is revealing and releasing records of an individual, which were previously private, to the public. It can be a vehicle for revenge via the violation of privacy.

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