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Terror With Directed Energy
TERROR with Directed Energy Weapon on Single Woman in N. Carolina, USA
Posted on 18 June, 2014 by Skizit

by Skizit Gesture

On May ____, 2014, there was a US military strike on a woman in her home in North Carolina with a Direct Energy Weapon (“DEW”) resulting in hospitalization and repeated surgeries to save her life. She was struck with a DEW as a plane flew over her home. She experienced such excruciating pain and heat that she said there are no words to describe the severe pain shooting through her body, as the pain shot up through her body to her left lung which collapsed and filled up with blood and she was paralyzed. She said the attack was so severe that she was actually lifted up off the ground.

She reports that she saw a plane flying over her house as this attack started. She felt the pain going through her body and it felt as if the energy “locked” on to her and it continued until she was lying on the floor paralyzed and unable to move. There may have been two planes (maybe drones) which converged energy upon her. See below.

She suffered injuries which could not be accounted for by the surgeons who saved her life by removing at least 2 quarts of blood from her lungs. They had never seen this kind of injury before. They asked her if she had fallen a great distance, if someone had struck her, but she had to answer “no” to these questions. They think she experienced blunt force trauma by someone hitting her. They think she is lying about how she got this injury. This blunt force could be a laser induced shock wave.

This Targeted Individual has been struck from the ground with Directed Weapons in her home for some time and she has suffered extreme gangstalking. Gangstalkers carry on a “noise campaign” by repeatedly causing loud, disturbing noises with their vehicles, revving their engines and driving by with extremely loud sounds from engines.
This TI has multiple injuries to her left lung which collapsed and suffered severe bleeding and multiple pus pockets which will had to be taken out by surgeons. She had to be cut from the front to the back to get all the pus from her lungs. Her scar looks like she was cut in half. She has undergone several operations to remove pus pockets which keeps her from being able to breathe or talk for very long. Extreme heating or pressure would have caused the capillaries in her lung to burst and bleed, thus leaking blood and filling the lung.

Possible Delivery Systems:
Laser induced Sonic Projectile or Shock Wave
Microwave and Laser can both be used to deliver infra and ultra sonics.  See
[1] or

Sonic weapons
One problem caused by sonic weapons is CAVITATION. Cavitation is the formation of cavities (bubbles) in a liquid (blood) caused by forces acting upon the liquid when a liquid is subjected to rapid changes of pressure. Low pressure causes the cavitation and higher pressure causes the voids to implode and can generate an intense shockwave and collapse of tissue.

Cavitation, which affects gas nuclei in human tissue, and heating can result from exposure to ultrasound and can damage tissue and organs. Exposure to high intensity ultrasound at frequencies from 700 kHz to 3.6 MHz can cause lung and intestinal damage. Heart rate patterns following vibroacoustic stimulation have resulted in serious arterial flutter and slow heart beat at 60 Beats Per Minute (BPM) called bradycardia. If the heart slows to 50 BPM, it results in fatigue, weakness, dizziness and fainting. A waking heart rate below 40 BPM is considered absolute bradycardia.

The bioeffects of ultrasound on various internal organs and the central nervous system include auditory shifts, vibrotactile sensitivity change, muscle contraction, cardiovascular function change, central nervous systems effects, inner ear effects, and chest wall and lung tissue effects. Researchers found that low frequency sonar exposure could result in significant CAVITATIONS, hypothermia and tissue shearing.

Tests performed on mice show the threshold for both lung and liver damage occurs at about 184 decibels. Damage increases rapidly as intensity is increased. Noise-induced neurological disturbances in humans exposed to continuous low frequency tones for longer than 15 minutes resulted in immediate and long-term brain tissue damage. [MEMORY LOSS] The symptoms resembled those of individuals who had suffered minor head injuries. One theory for a causal mechanism is that the prolonged sound exposure resulted in enough mechanical strain to brain tissue to induce an encephalopathy from severely reduced oxygen delivery to the brain. Encephalopathy can also be caused by a metabolic disorder caused by dysfunction of mitochondrial DNA which can affect many body systems, particularly the brain and nervous system. [3]

Laser Induced Plasma
Laser Induced Plasma uses a laser to induce a high energy state in gases. The leading tip of the incoming beam ionizes the target material, while the remainder is absorbed by this newly created plasma causing it to expand rapidly. This rapid expansion creates an extremely strong electromagnetic field. The frequencies can be tuned through the output of the laser itself. This EM field stimulates nerves throughout the body triggering muscle paralysis and/or intense sensations of pain. It is possible to stimulate pain nerves throughout a person’s body creating unimaginable levels of agony.
With the assistance of a $2.7 Million U.S. contract, Stellar Photonics is developing a Plasma Acoustic Shield System, or PASS. The PASS uses a high-energy laser to create an airborne ball of plasma, then uses another laser to create a shock wave inside the plasma ball, creating a flash of light and explosion. “Non-Lethal” Weapons: Where Science and Technology Service Repression
Pulsed Energy Projectile (PEP), utilizes a pulsed deuterium-fluoride (DF) laser designed to produce an ionized plasma at the target surface. In turn, the plasma would produce an ultrasonic pressure wave that would pass into the body, stimulating the cutaneous nerves in the skin to produce pain and induce temporary paralysis. I believe this is a point to point weapon which would be used on the ground. The effect can be made lethal. The original name for the project was Pulsed Impulsive Kill Laser (PIKL) but was quickly changed as a cover up. Details are predictably sketchy.

The Pulsed Laser Induced Plasma Shock Wave, or LISW (Laser Induced Shock Wave) is energy that spreads out so could be wielded possibly from the ground but more likely from aircraft.

Collisionless Shockwaves
[BLUE BEAM energy29_01] This is a picture of a victim of collisionless shockwaves. You can see the beam on the right side of the picture. Other TI’s are reporting seeing blue beams come into their homes. This weapon is being used on citizens NOW.

[Blue Beam energy29_02] This is the enlargement of the blue beam at the right side of the picture above. I don’t know how much of this might be attributed to light conditions or the camera. You can see light-colored horizontal rows of waves made of beads of energy. These look like colllisionless shockwaves.

[RESEARCH 6-19-2014 COLLISIONLESS SHOCKWAVES] Collisionless shockwaves formed by counter-streaming laser-produced plasma
The picture is an interferogram observed 2 nanoseconds after the laser fires. The region boxed by yellow lines indicates the collisionless shock waves.

[RESEARCH 6-20-2014 ILLUSTRATION COLLIONLESS SHOCKWAVES] Slow wave plasma structures for direct electron acceleration
Abstract. Two highly versatile experimental techniques are demonstrated for making preformed plasma waveguides with a periodic structure capable of supporting the propagation of ultra-intense femtosecond laser pulses up to 2×1017 W cm–2, limited by the available laser energy. These waveguides are made in hydrogen, nitrogen and argon plasmas with a length of 15 mm and a modulation period as short as 35 μm. Simulations show that these guides allow direct laser acceleration of electrons, achieving gradients of 80 MV cm–1 and 10 MV cm–1 for laser pulse powers of 1.9 TW and 30 GW, respectively. It is also shown that the periodic structure in these waveguides supresses the Raman forward instability, which could otherwise interfere with the direct acceleration scheme proposed.
[RESEARCH 6-20-2014 ILLUSTRATION OF CAVITATION SHOCK WAVES] Laser-Plasma Creates Electro-Optic Shocks
Shock waves are produced when a powerful laser pulse is fired into a charged gas called plasma. This 3D image is a simulation of the shock wave produced by the interaction between the laser and the electron sheath surrounding the plasma bubble (also known as the electron cavitation region).
Advanced Test Reactor. The light blue circular area (furthest to the right in the picture above) is the electron sheath that emits what laser physicists call electro-optic shock. Electro-optic shock is an explosion of energetic electrons traveling faster than light is able to in a gas or liquid. This creates a “sonic boom” of light which glows an “electric” blue. This phenomenon often occurs in nuclear reactors in which the reactor core creates a similar blue glow. The electron sheath is surrounds the resulting plasma bubble (red in the picture above). The longer the laser pulses, the larger the bubble grows.
Shock Waves
[RESEARCH 6-21-2014 Dispersive Shock Wave] Mark Hoefer and Mark Ablowitz (2009)
Shock waves can be generated by an initial abrupt change in a physical quantity and involve flow speeds larger than the local speed of sound. A shock wave propagating through a medium, such as a fluid, exhibits a rapid change in the material properties that characterize the medium. In viscous media, i.e. for a viscous shock wave (VSW), the change is typified by a nearly discontinuous jump from one value to another. On the other hand, in dispersive media the change in values via a dispersive shock wave (DSW) typically occurs via a modulated wavetrain. A one-dimensional example of a dispersive shock wave in the Korteweg-deVries equation, is shown in Figure 1 above: Dispersive shock wave in the Korteweg-deVries equation.
The dynamical behavior of a medium such as a fluid can often be described in terms of a set of conservation laws modified by a small amount of dissipation and/or dispersion. When dissipation and dispersion are neglected, a large class of initial data can lead to a derivative discontinuity or a gradient catastrophe whereby the solution develops an infinite derivative in finite time. This singular behavior is unphysical and therefore the effects of small dissipation and/or small dispersion require inclusion in the model. When dissipation dominates dispersion, as is often the case in classical fluids such as a compressible gas, a dissipative regularization procedure can be employed which leads to generalized (weak) solutions that can include discontinuities which represent viscous shock waves. If finite but small viscosity is included in the model, then the solutions are smooth but change rapidly from one value to another. However, when dispersion dominates dissipation, for example in the quantum superfluidic Bose-Einstein condensate, a dispersive regularization procedure is needed. The solution for small dispersion (which dominates dissipation) involves nonlinear wave averaging and has a modulated wavetrain that allows the transition from one value of the medium to another.
In the physical and applied mathematics literature, dispersive shock waves have been referred to in various ways: collisionless shock wave, dissipationless shock wave, non-dissipative shock wave, and undular bore. Note that an undular bore in shallow water displays dispersive shock behavior but a turbulent bore, for example a tidal bore, is typically characterized by dissipative effects, and is usually described as a viscous shock wave.
A1 cm ball of plasma at 10,000 Kelvin (K) would be equal to a 180 kilowatt (kW) bulb. Possible shielding materials from this kind of would have to be highly resistant to plasma, such as reinforced carbon-carbon or the ceramic inserts used in bulletproof vests.
Bullet Proof Shielding
For protection from this type of weapon, you will need the shielding the military and police have.
There are ceramic plates you can buy here and helmets that may come in handy when they attempt to interrogate your brain for Remote Neural Monitoring.
A variety of high powered sonic weapons (SW) exist spanning the infrasonic, ultrasonic, and audible ranges. Because they are weapons which direct sound onto a target, and sound is energy, they can be considered directed-energy weapons.
These weapons produce both psychological and physical effects. They include highly directional devices which can transmit painful audible sound into an individual’s ear at great distances and infrasonic generators which can shoot acoustic projectiles hundreds of meters causing a blunt impact upon a target.
Infrasonic generators can cause negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, or depression, as well as biological symptoms like nausea, vomiting, organ damage, burns, or death—depending on the frequency and power level. Most of these weapons function between the frequency range of about 1 Hz to 30 kHz. These frequencies occur within the following waves: Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) 1 Hz to 30 Hz, Super Low Frequency (SLF) 30 Hz to 300 Hz, Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) 300 Hz to 3 kHz, and Very Low Frequency (VLF) 3 kHz to 30 kHz.1
Within the ELF region of the spectrum, there is a type of sound called infrasound, which occurs between 3 and 20 Hz. Infrasound is usually not heard, but it can be if the power level is sufficient. Next, audible noise begins for most people from about 20 Hz up to 20 kHz, and occurs between the upper ELF into the VLF ranges. Ultrasound begins in the VLF range at about 20 kHz, just above human hearing.
Another sound factor is power, usually described using a unit of measurement called a decibel. Decibels are used to measure the power of audible and inaudible sound, both of which produce effects. Any sound begins to become physically painful at about 120 decibels, although at lower levels it can cause discomfort. At about 130 decibels it becomes unbearable. In this chapter, words such as intensity, level, power, pressure, and decibel, are all used to describe sound power.
All of the chemical reactions in the cells of living organisms are caused by the electromagnetic oscillations, pulsations, and vibrations, which are collectively referred to as vibrational frequencies. All physical matter is vibrating at its own vibrational frequency.
Resonance occurs when a connection is made between a source and a target which are vibrating at the same frequency. When this happens, the materials become joined and are said to be resonating. Once resonance has been achieved, an energy exchange takes place on the surface of the membrane of each cell. If the source of energy is more powerful, it directly impacts the targeted material resulting in a biological reaction.
Both infrasound and ultrasound are capable of producing resonance. This link can be established in the audible or inaudible sound ranges. A natural example of this harmonious synchronicity is frogs that sing in chorus. Mechanical examples include the pendulums of multiple clocks on the same wall which all swing in the same manner, or the string of a piano which vibrates after the same note is played on a nearby guitar.
Some organic and inorganic objects can function as resonance chambers. These objects are usually enclosures with a small opening. For instance, a glass or bottle will act as one. On a larger scale, the chest/abdominal area of the human body functions as a resonance chamber. Even an entire room with an open door or window can be used as a resonance chamber. Sound can be used to shatter or explode objects after resonance has been achieved.
Resonance can be induced electromagnetically by an infrasonic pulse generator, which can establish a link, for instance, to a person’s inner organs by resonating it in their chest area. Once this connection occurs, the power level of the generator can be increased, which would automatically transfer the energy to the person. If the power level is moderate, the person may experience pain in the chest area, or their organs may vibrate. Increasing the power level will destroy their organs.
Infrasonic and Ultrasonic Weapons
Infrasonic and ultrasonic generators, also called emitters, and VLF modulators, are weaponized devices consisting of a directional antenna dish, which can send acoustic pulses to a general or a specific are. In 1972 France was using infrasonic generators which operated at 7 Hz on its civilian population.
And by 1973 the Squawk Box was used by the British Army in Northern Ireland. It was a directional weapon that could target specific individuals by producing audible sound at about 16 kHz, which turned into infrasound at 2 Hz when it coupled with the ears.
In the early 1990s Russia had developed a 10 Hz VLF modulator capable of targeting individuals over hundreds of meters, causing pain, nausea, and vomiting. It was adjustable up to lethal levels. Since at least as far back as 1997, the US DOD has had an interest in creating generators in the infrasonic and ultrasonic ranges of 7 Hz and 20-35 kHz, respectively, which can cause these effects.
Such a device could also target the brain. These changes in brain frequencies cause changes in brain chemistry, which then influence thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, transmitting directed-energy using an exact frequency and modulation will trigger a precise chemical reaction in the brain, which, in turn will produce a specific emotion in the targeted individual.2
Infrasound occurs within the ELF range from a few hertz up to about 20 Hz, which is the lower limit of human hearing. Normally the power of sound rather than the frequency determines the pain and damage threshold. However, from 1 to about 250 Hz the pain/damage threshold seems to increase with frequency as well as power.
So, within this range, if the power level remains the same, but the frequency is increased, more damage can occur. Other than that, power is the critical factor which causes the damage, while the frequency determines what type of damage occurs.
Infrasound travels great distances and easily passes through most buildings and vehicles. It is normally sensed by the ears, but at high power levels it can couple with the body and be felt as vibrations.
Natural examples of this include: avalanches, earthquakes, volcanoes, and waterfalls. Whales, elephants, hippopotamuses, and rhinoceros use infrasound to communicate over great distances which includes hundreds of miles for whales. An electronic example would be a large sub-woofer. Infrasound is said to be superior to ultrasound because it retains its frequency when it couples with the human body.
From about 100 to 140 decibels infrasound causes a variety of biological symptoms depending on the frequency and power level. Basically, the higher the power level, the greater the damage. The effects include: fatigue, pressure in the ears, visual blurring, drowsiness, imbalance, disorientation, vibration of internal organs, severe intestinal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Higher power levels can liquefy bowels, and resonate the internal organs causing death. Infrasound can also cause feelings of pressure in the chest, choking, irregular breathing patterns, and respiratory incapacitation.
High powered, low frequency sound from about 30 Hz to about 100 Hz (just beyond infrasound) causes the following biological effects: fatigue, blurred vision, bowel spasms, pain or damage to internal organs, feelings of fullness in the chest cavity, chest wall vibration, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, choking, and respiratory impairment.
Infrasound causes a variety of psychological effects depending on the frequency and power level. It can cause the following: loss of concentration, disgust, apathy, sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, and panic attacks. “These transmissions” said John Alexander in his December 1980 article, The New Mental Battlefield, “can be used to induce depression or irritability in a target population.”
According to the Acoustic Weapons Prospective Assessment article, which appeared in the volume 9, 2001 issue of Science and Global Security, infrasound can produce localized earthquakes. A large room within a building can act as a resonance chamber to upset the foundation causing a miniature earthquake.
Sound that occurs beyond human hearing (about 20 kHz) is considered ultrasound. Animals such as dogs, cats, dolphins, and bats can hear ultrasound. Some whales and dolphins use ultrasound to detect their prey and as a weapon to stun them. It is said to be less effective as a weapon because it doesn’t retain its frequency when it couples with matter such as a human body.
Ultrasonic weapons produce a variety of effects depending on the power level and frequency. Many are the same as those produced by infrasound, plus heating and burning. They include: tickling in the mouth/nose area, discomfort, heating of the skin, nausea, abdominal pains, and vomiting. At higher decibels it causes burns and heating of body up to lethal temperatures. Another very painful effect is bone resonation, which could cause a person’s bones to literally explode.
“Aimed at the head, the resonating skull bones have caused people to hear voices,” revealed the Federation of American Scientists in their 1997 article, Non-Lethal Weapons for Military Operations other than War.
Sonic Projectiles
The same ELF modulators previously mentioned, which cause a variety of biological and psychological effects, can also function as emitters of infrasonic and ultrasonic projectiles.3
These weapons are basically sonic rifles and canons which can transmit invisible energy over hundreds of meters, causing a blunt impact. The Nazis are said to have developed a sonic cannon capable of shooting down allied bombers. In the early 1990s Russia had created a 10 Hz sonic cannon, which consisted of an infrasonic generator connected to a radar dish. It transmitted invisible projectiles the size of a baseball hundreds of meters affecting a blunt force on a target.4
It could also be adjusted to cause effects ranging from physical discomfort up to death. Effects short of death included abdominal pains, nausea, and vomiting. In addition, it could cause a person’s bones to resonate, which is extremely painful.
The 1997 FAS report described that the US was developing such a weapon to cause these exact same effects. Then on July 16, 2002, ABC News announced in their Sonic Bullets Acoustic Weapon of the Future report, that the US Military had in its possession a sonic cannon. “This new technology,” they declared, “is likely to affect almost every aspect of our lives, in ways we can only begin to imagine.”
Vortex Gun
The Vortex Launcher, (also called the Vortex Canon, Wind Canon, and Shockwave Weapon), is capable of transmitting an invisible whirlwind of force to effect a considerable blunt impact on a target.
It can also be used to transmit chemical irritants to a specific individual or group. It will allegedly be used to disable or destroy personnel such as enemy combatants or disruptive crowds. Most of the current information pertaining to this technology is classified. But in the late 1990s the US Military is said to have developed a vortex gun in conjunction with various defense contractors, the US Army Research Laboratory, and Pennsylvania State University.
It has a distance of at least 50 meters. The UK, Russia, and Germany have also expressed interest in this technology. This weapon dates back to World War II when an Austrian-born Nazi scientist, Dr. Zippermeyer, invented a device known as the Wind Cannon (windkanone) intended to shoot down Allied bombers.
It was an explosion-driven vortex capable of transmitting a high-velocity whirlwind of smoke at least two hundred meters. It consisted of a combustion chamber the size of a building which generated the explosion, and a specialized nozzle at the end of a tube attacked to the chamber, which formed the vortex.
In addition to the explosion-driven method previously mentioned, the air pressure which passes through the nozzle can also be produced by an infrasonic generator. Although the projectile can be generated acoustically, the actual energy projectile which collides with a target consists of air or gas.5
After the air is generated, it exits the chamber through a special nozzle that forms the vortex. It works in the following way: As the burst of air exits, the air in the center of the nozzle moves much faster than the air on the sides, so it curves around from the center to the outer edges and forms a fast-moving circular air current (a vortex). A natural example of this is a tornado or the smoke ring of a cannon.
As far as movement is concerned there are a couple of considerations. First, the speed at which the whirlwind rotates, plus the speed at which it travels to its target. Both contribute to the blunt force effect upon the target. The faster the whirlwind itself rotates the more stable and solid the vortex. The vortex can be transmitted slowly, similar to the way a tornado whirling at two hundred miles an hour moves across the landscape at only a few miles an hour. Or it can reach its target very quickly.6 A vortex can hold chemicals, which it can accurately deliver over a great distance.
A vortex can be composed of smoke, steam, or just air. Because smoke and steam are lighter than air, they allow for a more stable vortex. But an efficient vortex can be made using just air. Normally, a burst of air passing through the atmosphere is impeded by friction and quickly loses its momentum. But because the outer edges of the vortex are circulating very fast, an almost frictionless environment is created around it, which allows it to freely glide along great distances. It strikes with the force of a solid object and can even bounce off structures and continue in a different vector.
Electromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control
The Electromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control (EPIC) is a portable acoustic weapon created by Invocon Incorporated. The US Navy describes this as a developing technology which interferes with a person’s equilibrium by sending acoustic pulses of energy which disrupt the chemical and mechanical processes of the vestibular system.
The vestibular system is a part of the inner-ear that determines how sound and positions are processed by the brain. So this results in disorientation, confusion, extreme motion sickness, and vomiting. The Navy declared that the weapon will operate through walls and other protective mediums that now provide cover for combatants in urban warfare situations.
Long Range Acoustic Device
The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), also called the Sound of Force Protection, was developed by American Technology Corporation (ATCO). There are several models including the 1000, 500, RX, and X.
The weapon emits a tightly-focused beam of audible sound to an individual or group at up to 1 kilometer. A focused beam, which can be transmitted directly into an individual’s ear, would be inaudible to others in the area. While the exact frequency is unknown, it has a power level of up to 150 decibels. It is weather resistant, lightweight, has a low power consumption, and very portable. It can be equipped with an autonomous tracking feature.
The weapon can transmit MP3 sound files, an ear-splitting warning tone, or an operator’s voice which can be automatically translated into a different language. Its intended uses include, area denial and crowd control. According to its manufacturer, it is to be used for behavior modification and psychological operations. Reportedly, at high power levels it can cause loss of equilibrium, migraines, nausea and vomiting. It is now in use by the military.
Directed Stick Radiator
The Directed Stick Radiator (DSR), a creation of American Technology Corporation, is a small portable acoustic weapon, which fires a focused, painful, audible sound up to 100 yards. It is a 1-meter long, battery operated stick made of polymer. It operates in the 10 kHz region, and is adjustable up to 140 decibels.
The device contains a series of internal electric disks that function as amplifiers. It works in the following manner: An electrical signal is sent to the first disk in the rear, which sends a pressure pulse to the next disk, which amplifies the pulse, then passes it along to be amplified by the next disk. This process of amplification continues until the pulse exits the weapon. “It shoots out a pulse of sound that’s almost like a bullet,” described Elwood Norris, ATC’s chairman.
The weapon can transmit speech and other sounds. It can also act as a directional microphone in reverse operation. According to its manufacturer, its kinetic effect is so intense that it can knock someone back and cause migraine headaches. Business Wire and the BBC have stated that in addition to being used to remotely incapacitate a specific individual it will be used for psychological operations.
A similar device is the person-portable Sonic Firehose developed by SARA. It can allegedly knock people to the ground by transmitting a high-decibel sound up to 1 kilometer. Universal Guardian Holdings has developed the Acoustic Defender which can deliver debilitating sound at up to 100 yards.
[2] America’s Secret Police
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A secret police force in America? Never! I would have given this answer before September of 1998 but not now. A secret police force operating above the law and doing illegal surveillance of private American citizens and acting as judge, jury, and executioner, exists in America. This secret police force has access to extremely advanced surveillance equipment and non-lethal weapons, which I thought were only available to special military and special non-secret police divisions. I named the secret police force “UltraSonics” because they primarily use non-lethal sonic weapons that produce powerful focused ultrasonic sound waves to attack the person they are targeting. I’ll refer to members of UltraSonics as “UltraSonics agents”, and I’ll refer to the person that UltraSonics is targeting as the “Target”. UltraSonics did illegal surveillance of me and then attacked me with sonic and electrical non-lethal weapons. The information on this page is based on observations I made of UltraSonics over a one-year period, information I received from other people who have knowledge of UltraSonics, and my personal speculation about UltraSonics. This web page is based on a true story.
UltraSonics would need hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain this advanced surveillance equipment and non-lethal weapons. UltraSonics also has the organization and resources to rent a house close to the Target’s home and move a small business near the Target’s workplace. This is no small feat. I was told that real estate companies and/or a government agency called HUD (Housing and Urban Development) is funding UltraSonics. The government agency HUD makes the most sense to me. Local officials of HUD could be illegally diverting funds to purchase surveillance equipment and non-lethal weapons. HUD also has the ability to rent a house, and they also use small businesses for outsourcing work. A lot of people have told me that HUD is an extremely inefficient agency of the federal government, and this could be one of many reasons why HUD is so inefficient.
Potential Targets of UltraSonics are unwelcome neighbors with criminal records, criminal behavior, mental disabilities, wrong sexual orientation, wrong race, and/or non-conforming attitudes. An unwelcome neighbor can be a man, women, or child. The equipment and weapons that UltraSonics is using to attack its Targets can be used to artificially create symptoms of a mental or physical disorder. While under attack, if the Target is unable to comprehend what is happening to them, they could be driven out of control and/or driven insane. Parents of children with mental disabilities should be warned about UltraSonics because a mentally impaired child will not be able to understand the technology and weapons, should it be used to attack the child.
Law enforcement, state officials, local officials, medical doctors, and psychiatrists are aware of the existence of UltraSonics. They all deny UltraSonics exists but use them in their own way. If law enforcement wishes to discredit a person who crossed the path of the law, UltraSonics will be called into action. If the parents of a mentally handicapped child refuse to put the child, that the community feels threatened by, in an institution, UltraSonics can use its technology and weapons to attack the child and drive the child out of control. The parents will have no other choice but to institutionalize the child. If a community discovers that a convicted criminal has moved into their neighborhood, UltraSonics is on the way.
In the United States, a mentally ill person cannot be forcible placed in a mental institution unless they are violent. UltraSonics understands this fact and has developed strategies that they use against mentally ill people to drive them out of control so they can be classified as violent. Once the mentally ill person is classified as violent, he or she can be forcible placed in a mental institution for an indefinite period of time. The mentally ill person cannot be released back into society until psychiatrists at the mental institution feel that the mentally ill person is no longer a threat to society.
UltraSonics also has strategies they use to discredit non-mentally ill people and have them forcible committed to a mental institution as well. UltraSonics knows what the symptoms are for mental illness and UltraSonics will lay the groundwork for a non-mentally ill person to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist as mentally ill. After the groundwork is laid out for the mental illness, UltraSonics will attempt to get the non-mentally ill person to turn violent, and if they do turn violent, he or she can be forcible committed to a mental institution for an indefinite period of time also. Even though this non-mentally ill person is sane, he or she will be treated as mentally ill by the legal system and will have to undergo treatment for the mental illness they were diagnosed as having. Remember as you read through this story, there is a reason why UltraSonics is devoting so many resources to one person. Unfortunately, that person may not understand why until it’s too late.
I don’t know who makes the decision for UltraSonics to target a person, but something like the group of people that operated above the law in the movie “Star Chamber” could really exist in Camden County, New Jersey (USA). If so, the “Camden County Star Chamber” (CCSC) would likely consist of prominent members of local communities, such as local police, state police, medical doctors, psychiatrists, real estate officials, and HUD officials. One possible task for the CCSC would be to meet and discuses potential people to be targeted by UltraSonics. If CCSC agrees that a person should be targeted, UltraSonics would be given the information on that person and that person would become another Target of UltraSonics. The CCSC is only a theory of mine but UltraSonics would not be able to get away with its activities without the knowledge of high officials in my state. I will, however, assume throughout the rest of this story that UltraSonics makes the decision on who to target.
When UltraSonics discovers or is notified of a potential Target living in a community, UltraSonics will make contact with community leaders to discuss possible methods to rid the community of the Target. If a community is united and want the Target out of their community, UltraSonics will be able conduct its operation more easily with the support of the community. However, if the community is divided and not united, UltraSonics would be more limited in the types of operations they would be able to conduct. UltraSonics, with the assistance of community leaders, will make contact with direct neighbors of the Target. Each direct neighbor, if not already aware, will be given information about the Target and the neighbor will be tested to see if they have the persona to knowingly break the law in order to rid the neighborhood of the Target. UltraSonics must select one neighbor’s house as close to the Target’s house as possible to conduct its operations. The neighbor that UltraSonics selects will either rent their house to UltraSonics or allow UltraSonics to operate out of their house.
UltraSonics will prepare the selected neighbor’s house for its operation. Secret hiding compartments will be installed in floors for hiding equipment and small parts of the weapons. Large part of the weapons that produce the powerful sonic waves are hidden in furniture, such as end tables or cabinets. When needed to attack the Target, the weapons can be assembled and quickly disassembled should the Target call the police. If the police enter the house of where the Target claims the weapons are being fired from, the police will notice nothing out of the ordinary. Only a complete and thorough search of the house will reveal the equipment and weapons.
Every case will be different, but if the Target is an adult and employed, UltraSonics will attempt to conduct some kind of surveillance of Target at his or her workplace. To conduct this workplace surveillance, UltraSonics will send UltraSonics agents to the Target’s workplace to try to gain employment. The UltraSonics agents who do manage to gain employment will keep some type of surveillance of the Target at work. This would not be the optimal type of surveillance that UltraSonics would desire because there would be times when the Target’s activities and conversations cannot be monitored.
In certain cases, such as mine, UltraSonics will lease a business suite as close as possible to the Target’s workplace and move a small business into the business suite to conduct workplace surveillance of the Target. The employees of this small business are UltraSonics agents, and in addition to their regular job responsibilities, will assist in the surveillance and harassment of the Target at work. Since the suite is leased by UltraSonics, UltraSonics will be able to prepare the suite and bring surveillance equipment and other devices to the business suite for the part of the operation at the Target’s workplace.
I live in a middle class neighborhood where the real estate values of the houses run an estimated 75 to 125 thousand dollars each. The houses in the neighborhood are separated and spaced apart around 30 feet. My neighbors for years have tried everything to persuade me to move. They used conventional methods, such as name-calling, threats, and other psychological tactics in their attempt. I had one neighbor who would run in his house whenever I would walk out of my house. Another one of my neighbors would pull down his window shades every time I came home at night. Things really took a turn for the worst when I installed one of those Earth shaking car stereo systems in my car. The sub woofer could be heard half way down the block. A retired police officer lives in my neighborhood and he most certainly doesn’t like Gangster Rap. I would listen to NWA, Easy-E, ICE CUBE, DR. DRE, MC REN, and ICE-T and it didn’t go over well. The cop is a big man in town and he could have used his influence to persuade UltraSonics to target me. UltraSonics could be doing a “High Tech Rodney King” on me for the cop.
Before UltraSonics targeted me, I would notice my neighbor video taping me with a camcorder as I came and left my house. I really didn’t think much of this at the time, but my neighbor must have been sending the videotapes to UltraSonics in order to persuade UltraSonics to target me. I did start noticing my neighbor videotaping me about the time I started playing the Gangster Rap. It’s kind of strange that UltraSonics did decide to target me because I’ve never been arrested before or broken any law. My neighbors always used names like “Fag” and “Queer” to address me, so this would lead me to believe that I could have been targeted because UltraSonics thinks I’m a homosexual. If people who have criminal records were also being targeted by UltraSonics, those people would be reluctant to come forward because of the publicity involved in speaking out against the harassment.
My neighbor, who videotaped me and lives directly next door to my house, agreed and allowed UltraSonics to use his house for the operation against me. The original occupants of my neighbor’s house moved out of their home and UltraSonics, without my knowledge, had moved in and prepared the house for the operation.
I work in a business complex that has many suites for small business. Simple walls, similar to those of house walls, separate the business suites from each other; just drywall and some insulation separate the suites. The business suite directly next to my workplace was vacant and, also without my knowledge, UltraSonics had rented the suite and moved a small business into the suite to keep surveillance of me at work. UltraSonics had setup operation in both my neighbor’s house and the business suite directly next to my workplace and began its operation.
UltraSonics uses a two-stage approach to carry out its operation. The two stages are the surveillance stage and the attack stage. In the surveillance stage, the Target is under total surveillance. This stage is similar to a FBI stakeout, except that FBI has a warrant to do its surveillance. UltraSonics is operating above the law, which means UltraSonics needs no warrant when performing their surveillance. UltraSonics surveillance equipment is just as good or even superior to the FBI’s equipment. UltraSonics uses very advanced listening devices that can pick up conversations in a house just by pointing the device at the side of that house. One type of these listening devices uses a laser that is aimed at a window of a house. As people in the house talk, the glass of the window moves microscopically. The laser that is aimed at the window reflects back off the glass surface and returns to the listening device. The reflected laser is altered from the microscopic movements of the glass. The alterations, of the laser, are converted by the listening device to audible signals, which are the voices of the people in the house. This type of listening device has a tremendous range, possibly several hundred feet.
UltraSonics is in possession of a new type of imaging technology that can see images of people through walls of a house. This new imaging technology uses a wide range of radar signals that reflect back off of human body characteristics, such as body heat. The reflected radar signals are used by computer software to build an image, on a screen, of people inside a house. The image seen on the screen of people inside the house has enough detail to identify a person by body shape. This imaging technology was very effective in determining my location in my house. UltraSonics let me know I was being watched by blowing a loud horn, located in a neighboring house, when I was at certain points in my house. This horn blowing tactic went on for several months. As I would soon find out this new imaging technology would also provide an excellent targeting system for their non-lethal weapons. Click here to read about “Through Wall Imaging Technology”.
Both the listening device and through wall imaging system are located out of sight in a neighboring house, which in my case was the house directly next to my house. From inside a neighboring house, UltraSonics can now see real time images of people in the Target’s house and hear their conversations. All actions and conversations in the Target’s house can be video taped and used by UltraSonics against the Target. UltraSonics used similar equipment at my workplace also. I believe the radar signals that this through wall imaging system uses are in the microwave range, and I don’t if these radar signals are dangerous to a person’s health. I have, along with the other people that I live and work with, been exposed to these electromagnetic waves for over a year now.
Before proceeding, I just wanted to explain what sonic non-lethal weapons are. Sonic (Sound) waves are atmospheric waves in our atmosphere (air). As we hear sounds, those sound waves are creating pressures on our eardrums, and our eardrums are converting that pressure to a signal that our brains can understand. Most people associate sound with things we normally hear, such as birds singing, music on the radio, and people talking. What most people don’t know is that sound waves can be used as a very effective weapon. A focused sound wave is a single sound wave traveling in a certain direction with a single frequency (cycles per second). Sound waves can be infrasonic (below the human hearing range), audible (within the human hearing range), or ultrasonic (above the human hearing range). The amplitude of the sound wave is the height of the sound wave.
Combining two or more focused sound waves results in a more powerful lower frequency sonic wave. This new more powerful sonic wave is no ordinary sound wave. Because the molecules in the air of this sonic wave have been accelerated to such a high velocity, it can penetrate the walls of a house without damaging the walls or house in anyway. In an explosion, a person standing near the explosion can be knocked down by the sonic shock wave produced by the explosion. This type of sonic shock wave from an explosion is not focused because it travels in all directions; everyone around the explosion is effected by the sonic shock wave. By using commercial or medical ultrasonic transducers, an artificial focused sonic shock wave can be produced that is directional. These focused sonic shock waves can be combined to produce an even more powerful sonic shock wave. These powerful focused sonic shock waves are directional and will also penetrate house walls without damaging the house in anyway. Click here for a military description of these sonic weapons.
Force will be put on the walls of the house if a strong focused sonic shock wave passes through the house. This force is not enough to damage the walls or house, however. If this strong focused sonic shock wave also passes through a human as it is passing though the house, a force will also be applied to that human. A similar amount of force applied to a human body will effect the human. The bones in the human body are dense, which means the sonic wave will have more trouble passing through them. As this sonic wave passes through the human body, it will produce a strong force applied to the human body because of the bones. This force could produce a strong violent jolt of the human body, as the sonic wave attempts to drag the bones of the body in the direction of the sonic wave. I’ve been jolted as much as six inches by the very powerful sonic shock waves. The strong ultrasonic shock wave frequency is most likely in the megahertz range (ultrasonic), that means the wave is far above of the human hearing range and can’t be heard.
Another way to think of these focused sonic waves is a “sonic laser”. Instead of the wave being electromagnetic, as a laser is, it is an atmospheric wave. UltraSonics is creating powerful infrasonic and ultrasonic sonic lasers that will cut through walls, ceilings, glass, furniture, and/or people. The amplitude of these sonic lasers could be an inch to several inches. These sonic lasers also have a tremendous distance, probably several hundred feet.
Strong sonic waves passing through the human body also effect the nerves of the human body. A choking effect can be produced by passing the right frequency sonic wave through the neck of a human. The vocal chords will resonate, which causes this choking sensation. Passing a sonic wave through the chest can effect the lungs and produce a gasping for air reflex. Ultrasonic waves passing through the head can cause severe head pains. A shot to the stomach will produce a violent reflex of the stomach muscle, which could take a standing person down. These types of weapons were demonstrated on a Discovery Channel show called “Shoot not to kill”. The weapons are used for crowd control, and they are designed to disable a person in a riot situation. Most often, the weapons will not cause any damage to the human body and no marks will be left on the human body after being hit with these sonic weapons.
I was given the grand tour of these sonic weapons. UltraSonics must have used just about every type of these sonic non-lethal weapons against me. These sonic waves can just smack against the surface of the human body or pass straight through the body. The power and frequency will determine whether or not the wave will pass through the body. Infrasonic waves tend to just smack against the surface of the body and not pass through the body. Ultrasonic waves tend to pass through the human body and cause a jolting effect of the body as it does. The amplitude and power of both types of sonic waves will determine the harshness of the smacking sensation of the infrasonic wave and the jolting sensation of the ultrasonic wave.
“Sonic Bullets” and “Acoustic Bullets” are different names for the same type of sonic wave. These sonic bullets are usually powerful short duration infrasonic or ultrasonic waves. I’ve been hit with several types of skull penetrating ultrasonic bullets that have amplitudes of around an inch. These ultrasonic bullets penetrate the human skull and produce different sensations as the ultrasonic bullet passes through the head. One type of these ultrasonic bullets produces a slight jolt of the head as the ultrasonic bullet penetrates the skull bone on one side of the head. A feeling of something slowly moving through the head will then occur and then another slight jolt of the head will occur as the ultrasonic bullet exits the skull bone on the other side of the head. It will take around one or two seconds for all these sensations to occur. Another type of these ultrasonic bullets produce a feeling of something quickly passing through the head, no jolt is felt from this type of ultrasonic bullet. I believe no jolt is felt because the ultrasonic bullet is much higher in frequency. One more type of these ultrasonic bullets is a wave that produces a strong knocking sensation of the skull as the ultrasonic bullet leaves the skull. This knocking sensation is felt at the exit point of the skull as the ultrasonic bullet exits the head. These types of ultrasonic bullets are probably the closest a person can come to being shot in the head and surviving. A knock out type of these ultrasonic bullets is an extremely powerful ultrasonic bullet with an amplitude of several inches that will cut through the skull and produce a sensation similar to that of being hit in the head with a two-by-four wooden board. This powerful ultrasonic bullet will leave the Target disoriented for a short period of time after being struck in the head. The infrasonic bullets are used to smack parts of the human body, including the back of the heard, limbs, and back. The body seems to absorb most of the energy from these infrasonic bullets.
The more powerful longer duration ultrasonic waves can have amplitudes of several or more inches also. Due to the density of bones in the body, these ultrasonic waves create a strong violent jolt when they pass through the human body. If one of the limbs of the human body is struck, that limb will be suddenly thrust in the direction of the traveling ultrasonic wave. With the muscles in the hand and arm relaxed, a strong ultrasonic wave can pick up the hand and arm and thrust the limb in the air. It will seem like an invisible person just tugged your arm. Since the frequency of the powerful ultrasonic wave is in the megahertz and can’t be heard, the person hit and any other people in the same room, if unaware of UltraSonics, will believe that the Target has a neurological problem. Passing a very powerful ultrasonic wave through the shoulders can create a severe jolt of the upper body, and passing the same powerful ultrasonic wave through the waist will cause a severe jolt in the lower body. These ultrasonic waves don’t damage the skin or the internal organs of the body in any way. As mentioned before, the jolt is felt from the powerful ultrasonic wave passing through the dense bones of the human body.
Other types of these sonic weapons shower large parts of the Target’s body with an array of infrasonic and ultrasonic waves. Since the waves are out of the human hearing range, he or she will hear nothing as these waves strike against or pass through their body. By targeting the legs of the Target’s body with the ultrasonic version of this weapon, the Target will feel a burning sensation in his or her legs. This method can be used to make the Target feel very uncomfortable while sitting in a chair in his or her living room, for example. If this same ultrasonic weapon targets the Target’s head, the Target will receive a severe headache. The infrasonic version of this weapon can be used to make the Target feel tingling sensations in certain part of their body. In those haunted house stories when someone claims to feel the presence of a spirit, what they could be feeling is this infrasonic weapon striking their body with sound waves that they cannot hear. This could explain a lot of those haunted house stories. After being attacked with these sonic weapons, I’m led to believe that there may not be any haunted houses, just greedy neighbors.
It is important to remember that all these sonic weapons are fired from inside of a neighboring house. No one will run up to the Target’s house and fire the weapon. The sonic wave will pass straight through the walls of the house of where the weapon is fired from and then pass through the walls of the targeted person’s house, and along the way possibly striking the targeted person. No visual sighting of the weapon is possible because it’s fired from inside a neighboring house. After passing through both houses, the sonic wave will eventually dissipate in the atmosphere. The sonic weapon is usually angled upward so after the sonic wave leaves the Target’s house; it will travel towards the sky and not pass through any other houses in the neighborhood before dissipating in the atmosphere. This is truly a vanishing bullet. It is the perfect harassment weapon because it can’t be proven in court because it leaves no evidence behind. No physical damage is done to the human Target or the house.
UltraSonics also has sound projection equipment that can direct audible sounds to one person in a house from a neighboring house. The sound projection equipment works by producing two or more focused ultrasonic waves that are angled to combine at some focal point at a distance. As the sonic waves combine at the focal point, an audible sonic sound wave is produced. If one of the ultrasonic waves is modulated (information added to it) with information, the final audible sonic wave can be controlled. This final wave can be used to direct the audible sounds and messages to the Target. This sound projection device projects fairly good quality audible sounds. The audio quality is somewhere between AM and FM broadcast quality.
An audible message that was a sentence in my own voice that stated “YOUR BEING TARGETED, BETTER KEEP MOVING” was directed toward me in my house. UltraSonics had taken several sentences I had spoken in my house and chopped words out of those sentences to form this new sentence. This led me to the conclusion that UltraSonics was using eavesdropping devices to record my conversation in my house. UltraSonics also directed audible sounds, like barking dogs, firing guns, and footsteps towards me in my house. A personal computer that is connected to the sound projection equipment would be used to play the audio recordings. A personal computer can be used to edit sounds and store those sounds indefinitely on the computer’s hard drive. A device that is similar to what UltraSonics is using to project audible messages is called an “Acoustic Heterodyne System”. Click here to see a picture of an ” Acoustic Heterodyne System”.
In the movie “Amityville Horror” the priest is told to “GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE”. This can be accomplished with UltraSonics sound projection equipment. The audible message is sent to the Target stating “GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE” and then a powerful infrasonic wave is slammed into the side of the Target’s face. The Target will hear the message and then feel what seems like a slap in the face. This technique really works. I received an audible message of a person doing one of those karate kicks and then I received a powerful infrasonic wave that was slammed into my face. It really works and seems real.
UltraSonics also has high-powered version of its sound projection equipment that will fill a room with an extremely loud high-pitched audible sound. This sound projection equipment has been used against me and the audible sound was so loud that I had to cover my ears. Filling a room with a loud high pitched sound is a good method to wake the Target up in the middle of the night. Since the resulting sound wave is audible, it can be heard outside the room, though. This sound projection equipment can also be used to create loud sounds of explosions, electrical shocks, and fireworks outside the Target’s house window. The equipment works on the same principle as the less powerful version. Two or more very powerful ultrasonic sonic shock waves are fired from the device. One or more of the sonic waves is modulated with information, which controls the final high-powered sonic sound wave. The ultrasonic waves are angled to combine at a focal point, which results in the extremely loud audible sounds at the focal point. If the focal point is in the room, the room will be filled with sound. If the focal point is outside the Target’s window, the audible sound will appear to come from outside the house. The equipment is operated from inside a neighboring house and no damage is done to either house. This equipment was only used on me in the very early stages of my harassment. I just wanted to make the reader aware of this version of UltraSonics sound projection equipment.
UltraSonics is in possession of an advanced type of sound projection equipment that uses the human vocal chords to transmit an audible message to the Target that only the Target will be able to hear. As mentioned above, UltraSonics has a device that fires a certain frequency focused ultrasonic wave at vocal chords of the Target to cause the vocal chords of the Target to resonate, which creates a gagging sensation. The much more advanced type of sound projection device that UltraSonics has obtained modulates information on the ultrasonic sound wave that strikes the vocal chords to cause the vocal chords to resonate at audible frequencies. This creates the sensation of someone talking with his or her mouth closed. All type of sounds can now be transmitted to the Target that only the Target can hear. These sounds can include words spoken by the Target that were recorded earlier or other people’s words. The only drawback I noticed is that if the Target moves their body in anyway to cause the vocal chords to move out of the sonic wave’s path, the transmission will end. It works and seems real and can be used to artificially create voices in the Target’s head, which are symptoms of a serious mental disorder. This device has been used to trick people into thinking that an evil spirit possesses them. The sonic wave that is striking the vocal chords can’t be heard, only the vocal chords resonating at audible frequencies will produce sounds that will only be heard by the Target. This device can be used against the Target from a neighboring house.
Another clever form of harassment that UltraSonics has tried on me is using their audio projection equipment to create a loud snapping noise on the hard plastic surface of my TV set. Whenever a person spoke a keyword on TV, the TV set would suddenly create a very loud snap. TVs do make noises at times as the plastic expands and contracts, but not ever time someone on TV says keywords like kill and murder. UltraSonics can send the Target a message by snapping the Target’s TV whenever people on TV say certain keywords. This technique was tried on me for around a month at home before it was abandoned by UltraSonics.
UltraSonics has used other types of non-lethal weapons against me that don’t use sound. I’ve been hit with what feels like an electric shock. UltraSonics has non-lethal weapons that can fire a fine or wide beam of electricity at the Target. The beam of electricity is a very high voltage electrical charge with very low current, which means it can shock the Target without starting a fire in the Target’s house. Electricity feels different as it hits me. Sound produces a force as it strikes my body; electricity does not. When the beam of electricity hits a muscle in the human body, it will cause that muscle to rapidly move. I’ve been hit in the legs, hands, arms, and throat with these electrical charges.
UltraSonics must have a pool of these non-lethal weapons in New Jersey. The non-lethal weapons stockpile is most likely dispersed throughout certain UltraSonics agent’s homes, one or two of the weapons at most per home. This would protect the stockpile in case law enforcement somehow discovers the operation. When needed the weapons are moved from their hiding place to the theater-of-operation. The weapons are concealed in furniture, which makes it easy to move the weapons in and out of homes without suspicion. The surveillance equipment would be dispersed throughout UltraSonics agent’s homes, also.
There is no place to hide in a conventional house from these sonic waves that are produced from these sonic weapons. These sonic waves can penetrate wood, stone, brick, and metal. The only protection that I know of from these sonic weapons is a vacuum (no air). Sound cannot travel through a vacuum. A barrier that contains a vacuum in it must be placed in-between the weapon and the Target. These vacuum barriers placed around that Target would render these sonic weapons useless. I’m not sure how to stop the electrical weapons, though. If the vacuum barriers are made of metal and the case of the barriers are grounded to earth ground; this could provide the protection from the electrical weapon. Glass or metal materials will hold a vacuum indefinitely. Better to use metal for the barrier. Military bunkers have vacuum barriers in the walls, ceiling, and floors to protect the occupants of the bunker from sonic weapons.
If the angle is correct, the Target can be singled out and struck even in a bed with two people in it. The focused sonic wave is so accurate and precise that it can strike the Target and not in anyway effect the other person in the same bed. The sonic wave can’t be heard or seen by either person, only felt by the person it strikes.
The power needed to operate these sonic weapons must be enormous. A charging device would be necessary to build up a charge over a period of time, from normal household power. I’ve never been hit with a continuos sonic wave lasting more than five seconds. This leads me to believe that after the weapon is fired, the charging device needs time to recharge itself.
A targeting system is needed to be able to accurately single out and strike the Target, especially in a house with more than one person in it. It is essential that only the Target be struck and no one else. If the Target is the only person struck in the house, it makes it extremely difficult for the Target to explain their story to the police. The through wall imaging technology mentioned above can be used to accurately target the Target. If the imaging system and the sonic weapon are calibrated, a precise and reliable method to attack the Target now exists. The Target can now be identified by body detail and targeted. Infrared targeting system could target a person’s body heat through walls of a house, also. Infrared systems have been greatly reduced in size over the years. Some fire departments are now using thermal imaging technology that can detect hot spots in a house after a house fire has been extinguished. The fire fighters can use the imaging technology to detect any hot spots and hose them down with water. UltraSonics seems to have the most expensive and advanced equipment, so I’m led to believe that through wall imaging technology is being used against me.
An effective method to harass a Target is to strike the Target throughout the night before a workday. Slamming a powerful ultrasonic wave into the Target every half-hour will do the job. This wave passing through the human body produces a strong violent jolt of the body, which feels like a strong violent kick. Just imagine someone standing over you and kicking you every time you fell asleep. The Target will be unable to get sleep and work performance will suffer. The Target could lose their job from poor work performance. This would be an outcome that UltraSonics would desire because it would eventually lead to the Target loosing their home from the inability to pay the mortgage.
A device now exist that can detect the heartbeat of a human without any physical contact with that human. The human heart produces an electric field as it beats, which this device can detect. The military will be able to use this device to detect soldiers that are still alive on the battlefield. The police are testing a version of this device that will alert a police officer of a person hiding behind a wall. UltraSonics has also found a use for this device. As a person falls asleep, their heart rate slows down. This device can detect this heart rate change. UltraSonics can now tell when the Target falls asleep and they can strike the Target with a focused ultrasonic shock wave each time they fall asleep. This can be done throughout the night ensuring the Target is unable to get sleep. This is really torture. Another method to tell when the Target falls asleep is to use a sensitive listening device to listen to the Target’s breathing. The breathing pattern of a Target will also change as they fall asleep.
UltraSonics also has a mobile unit with sonic weapons and a very advanced targeting system in it. This mobile unit is a van or small truck with the targeting system and weapon hidden in back of the vehicle. This mobile unit will follow the Target around for several days and strike the Target in buildings where the Target is expected to be. UltraSonics was able to target me in my eye doctor’s office, video store, and several times over several days in a hospital while I was visiting a sick relative. They were able to strike parts of my body, such as my legs, and they ran a powerful sonic laser through my head several times. Because this mobile unit only targeted me for several days, I’m led to believe that there may only be one of these mobile units in New Jersey. The money needed to purchase a targeting system and sonic weapons that can target and strike a person in a building must be enormous. The sonic weapons used to strike the Target in a building are not the type of weapon that produce a sever jolt of the human body. The sonic laser that is run through the Target’s head in a building feels like a bullet traveling through the head with no jolting action. The sonic wave that strikes against the body in a building is an infrasonic wave, with an amplitudes that can be several inches, that feels like a mild slap against the skin.
This mobile unit’s targeting system seems to be limited in finding its target. I was only attacked in parts of a building where UltraSonics knew I would be. UltraSonics could have called the hospital where I was visiting my relative and got the room number. They visually found the room in the hospital, and then when I was in the room, UltraSonics used the targeting system to target me. The targeting system was able to identify me in a room with four people (two people in beds and two people sitting) in it. I was never targeted in any other part of the hospital.
I have a theory on the targeting system. If through wall imaging technology is being used to target the Target, what is being used to identify the Target? Could the device that detects the human heartbeat be used to identify a Target? Every human has a unique heart rate; it’s like a fingerprint. If the heartbeat signature of the Target is learned in a place where the Target is alone, this signature could be used to identify the Target in a room with more than one person in it. After the Target is identified in this fashion, the through wall imaging system can be used to target the body details of the Target’s body. This is just my own theory.
The surveillance equipment and non-lethal weapons are professional precision military equipment. These weapons are not just being put together with off-the-shelf parts. A lot of research is needed to determine what sound waves will effect the human body. This is no small time operation. The surveillance equipment and non-lethal weapons could be purchased outside of the country and illegally brought into this country through some kind of an underground organization that supplies UltraSonics. The surveillance equipment and non-lethal weapons would need to be maintained and calibrated, also.
The UltraSonics agents, who are doing 24-hour a day surveillance of the Target, are sending edited video and audio surveillance tapes and other information to a team of specialist who are analyzing the Target. The tapes are edited by UltraSonics agents to remove any empty blank spots so this team of specialist, who are much fewer in numbers, can quickly review the daily tapes to discover any new information about the Target. The team of specialists consists of doctors and psychiatrists who can best determine what makes the Target tick. The Target’s daily living habits, passions, and fears are being analyzed and a complete profile of the Target is being built.
The surveillance stage of me at home went on for about a month. A complete profile of was made of me by UltraSonics. UltraSonics uses this profile to determine the most effective way to use their sonic weapons to attack the Target. For example, if the Target is religious, their belief in God could be used against them. UltraSonics can send audible messages to the Target to try to trick the Target into thinking God is speaking to them. Depending on the Target’s state of mind, they could be manipulated into doing something they would not normally do. If the person is fearful of ghosts, they could be tricked into thinking they are living in a haunted house. If the Target does not understand what is hitting them, it could appear to them that an invisible man is in their house striking them, when in fact it’s just powerful focused sonic waves, fired from a neighboring house, that are out of the human hearing range striking them. In a situation like this, the Target could start hallucinating and start seeing thing that are not there. I’m not aware of any devices that project visual images, and none were used on me, that can be operated from the house next door.
If UltraSonics chose to try to manipulate the Target by convincing the Target that God is speaking to them, the video and audio surveillance equipment would be used to see and hear the Target and the sound projection equipment would be used to speak to the Target. If you ever saw a person on TV who claimed to have killed someone because God spoke to him and told him to do it, UltraSonics may have been involved. This interaction could really seem authentic to certain people and they could truly believe that God is speaking to them. All the equipment would be operated from a neighboring house, and the Target would notice nothing out of the ordinary, other than the fact that he or she is now speaking with God.
I don’t know how long these sonic weapons have been around, but a lot of those haunted house stories on TV may also not be authentic. It may just be UltraSonics using their equipment and sonic weapons from a neighboring house tricking the occupants of the house into thinking their house is haunted. Unexplained voices, feeling the presence of a spirit, feeling an invisible person touching you, sudden movements of body limbs, jolts to the body, burning sensations in parts of the body, and electrical shocks can be produced by UltraSonics equipment and weapons.
After the one-month surveillance stage at home, UltraSonics switched to the attack stage at home while maintaining the surveillance stage at my workplace. UltraSonics struck me in my home with sonic and electrical non-lethal weapons. They used their sonic weapons to strike me throughout the night before workdays. By keeping me awake at night before workdays, UltraSonics not only put my safety at risk but also put the safety of innocent people on the street at risk. I had to drive to work some days with little to no sleep. I have to travel through residential neighborhoods and at least two school zones along the way to work. UltraSonics doesn’t value the lives the people on the street. Because of UltraSonics, I had to drive many times to work without any sleep, ready to dose off behind the wheel of my car.
UltraSonics will also move its weapons and fires them at the Target from other houses in the neighborhood. The force that these sonic weapons produce when they hit me usually will tell me in what general direction the weapon was fired from. UltraSonics fires the weapons from other participating neighbors’ homes at the Target because it makes it much more difficult for the Target to explain their story to the police. The police will ask, “ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS ARE SHOOTING INVISIBLE BULLETS AT YOU?” Because UltraSonics is able to single out the Target and only strike the Target in a house with more than one person in it, the police will just assume the Target is crazy and quickly brush the Target off.
In addition to being under total surveillance at home and work, UltraSonics also has road crews that will follow the Target around anywhere they may go. The road crew will follow the Target in two or more cars. If the Target goes food shopping, for example, the road crew will follow the Target to the supermarket. The UltraSonics agents in one of the cars will follow the Target into the supermarket and the other agents will wait in a distance spot in their cars in the parking lot. The agents will follow the Target around the supermarket watching the Target’s every move, and when the Target leaves the supermarket, the UltraSonics agents waiting in the distance will blow their car horn twice to let the Target know they are being watched. This repeated every time the Target comes out of a store is supposed to create some kind of a paranoid mental condition, I guess. In some cases, the other car in the distance is equipped with a mini version of their sonic weapons. They will use this mini sonic weapon to strike the Target after the Target gets in his car. This mini weapon fires a powerful infrasonic wave that feels like a slap against the skin as it hits the Target. The sonic wave will have no trouble passing through the windows of the car. I’ve seen these portable mini sonic weapons on a CNN news report over six years ago. The mini weapon fits in a gym bag and requires no high tech targeting system. The targeting system is just line of sight targeting, like a regular gun. The device is fired from inside of one of the UltraSonics agent’s cars, and in a parking lot filled with cars, it would be very hard to figure out who fired the weapon at you.
UltraSonics may even put some kind of tracking bug in the Target’s car. Car tracking systems are now available that use the GPS (Global Positioning System) system to transmit the location of the car under surveillance to a pursuing car. These car-tracking systems are very expensive, but UltraSonics seems to have an unlimited budget. If UltraSonics can get access to through wall imaging technology, I don’t think they would have much trouble getting access to this car-tracking device. With this car-tracking device installed in the Target’s car, UltraSonics agents can follow the Target’s car from a distance without the risk of being spotted by the Target. I wouldn’t be too surprised if UltraSonics has a car-tracking device that can also transmit conversations that occur inside the Target’s car to the pursuing car. The car-tracking device in the Target’s car is only turned on by remote control when needed. This makes it more difficult to detect the car-tracking device with a bug-detecting device.
Every time I went to the police station, UltraSonics would seem to know. The UltraSonics agents living in my neighbor’s house would put on a show for the police each time I went to the police station. The neighborhood became mostly deserted after UltraSonics began its operation in my neighbor’s house, over a year ago. But every time I went to the police station, UltraSonics agents would come outside of their house and work on something around their house and have children play in front of their house, where they would all be visible for the police to see. I don’t know if the road surveillance crew followed me to the police station and notified the other UltraSonics agents in the my neighborhood or the retired police officer in my neighborhood got an inside tip from the local police department where he once worked before retirement. The police would see this act put on by UltraSonics and assume everything was all right.
UltraSonics agents will try to create a general illusion of normalcy at the house where they are performing their operation. The house is a spook house, which means that the house is only being used for surveillance. UltraSonics will: decorate the outside of the house for each holiday, put trash in front of the house each trash day, and place children’s toys around the outside of the house. This is all done to ward off any possible suspicion from anyone just passing by.
As the attack stage at home entered into its second month, the surveillance stage at work switched from surveillance to attack stage. I would start noticing strange things at work. I would hear a loud snapping noise coming from the right wall of my office, and then the left wall of my office would also make a loud snapping noise. Then my computer monitor would make a loud snapping noise. Also, something would occasionally strike me in the back. These sounds were not normal sounds. The snapping noises had a sequence and they repeated many times throughout the day. It was UltraSonics in the next business suite using their sound projection equipment to strike the metal parts of the walls in my office and the hard plastic surface of my computer monitor.
Soon after the walls in my office started snapping, I started noticing another strange occurrence at work. As I would come to work and leave work, I would start noticing the people in the business suite next to my company were coming and leaving with me. It would always happen, at least one would arrive with me in the morning and one would leave with me at night. Around eight employees worked in that business suite. As I pulled in the parking lot in the morning, one of those eight cars would suddenly appear and park in the closest possible parking space to me. At night, when I left for the day, at least one of the employees from that business suite would come out and get in their can and leave with me. All employees of all the suites in the complex share the same parking lot. I tried coming and leaving at different times but the same thing would happen over and over again. On occasion, all the employees from that suite would park around my car during the day, and when I left for the day at night, they would all come out of the suite and leave with me. I believe they were using the buddy system when they followed me into the parking lot in the morning. Two cars wait in the distance. One is the spotter car and the other is the car that will follow me in. When the spotter car sees me enter the parking lot, the spotter car will inform the other car by walkie-talkie that I have arrived and they should move in. The spotter car would wait in the distance and will move in rapidly to assist his buddy and be a witness if the Target does something rash after discovering he was followed to work again.
After all these events at work happened to me, I had to conclude that UltraSonics had rented the business suite next to my business workplace to harass me at work also. UltraSonics tried several other methods to try to phyc me out at work. UltraSonics was doing constant surveillance of me at work. Whenever I told someone in my company’s office that I was going outside, one of the UltraSonics agents would wait by the door of their suite for me to walk outside. The UltraSonics agent after seeing me would quickly walk outside with me. They would also use their wall-snapping device to snap the walls of my office if I spoke one of those keywords.
UltraSonics never used any powerful non-lethal weapons on me at work. The only weapons fire at work I noticed was the snapping device and possibly those small gym bag mini weapons that fire the powerful low frequency sonic wave that feels like a slap against the skin when it strikes me. Bringing a large weapon to a business suite would be too risky for UltraSonics. At home it is less of a risk to move these weapons in and out of the home. The surveillance equipment could be concealed in small items, such as radios and other common electronic devices. Not much attention would be drawn to someone carrying a radio into and out of a workplace each day.
The arrival and departure harassment at work went on for several months before UltraSonics gave up on it. UltraSonics still snaps the wall in my office to let me know I’m being watched. They have been at this for over a year now. At home, UltraSonics still fires their weapons at me at night in order to prevent me from getting a good night sleep. I was told UltraSonics has a two-year lease on the business suite next to my work place.
I believe the surveillance stage at my workplace only switched from surveillance to attack stage because the attack stage at home failed to achieve the objective that UltraSonics desired. In most cases, the attack stage at home would be enough to push the Target over the edge. The surveillance stage at work would normally only be used to keep the Target under surveillance incase the Target tries to seek outside help at work. UltraSonics would be able to take countermeasures based on the surveillance intelligence obtained at the Target’s workplace.
I often wonder how many other people have been victims of UltraSonics. If the Target is unable to accept the fact that it’s only sound being used against them, they could wind up in a mental institution. I don’t know how big this conspiracy is but imagine if the doctor treating the Target knows about UltraSonics and the weapons and tells the Target that they are mentally ill and need to be placed in an institution for their own protection. This scenario is really scary. The person you would normally trust the most to help you is trying to destroy you. These weapons could be placed in mental hospitals to attack patients. The weapon can be placed in a room close to a patient to be targeted, and the sonic wave will be able to pass through brick and metal of the hospital rooms to strike the patient. If the weapon cannot be placed in the hospital, the mobile unit can be dispatched to the hospital to attack the patient from the hospital parking lot. Imagine the Target is recovering in a hospital after being attacked by UltraSonics, and then the mobile unit pulls into the parking lot of the hospital and attacks the Target in their hospital room.
Parents of children with mental disabilities should be warned about UltraSonics. If the neighborhood community feels threatened by the child, the community could allow UltraSonics into the neighborhood to attack the child. Only one neighbor on any side of the child’s house is needed to allow UltraSonics the access they need to attack the child. This does not have to be a community effort. The child will not understand what is happening and could be driven out of control and institutionalized. If the parents of the child make a doctor’s appointment for the child, UltraSonics will have that information because UltraSonics is doing constant audio and video surveillance of the entire family. UltraSonics could use their mobile unit, which can Target and strike the child from a parking lot, to attack the child in the doctor’s office. Remember that the sonic wave is out of the human hearing range and it can’t been seen. The child could be struck even in a room with more than one person in it and no one else in the room will feel, see, or hear a thing. UltraSonics was able to Target and strike me in my eye doctor’s office.
The reaction of each Target will be different after being attacked by UltraSonics. UltraSonics smothers the Target hoping for the outcome they desire. A normal  reaction could be the Target goes berserk and does something rash, possibly with a gun. The Target could even commit suicide. I once heard on a news program that an unwelcome neighbor committed suicide after being harassed by his community. UltraSonics could have had something to do with this. I believe if the Target attempts to enter the house of where they think these sonic weapons are being fired from, they will be shot dead. The UltraSonics agents in the house will hide or remove the sonic weapons and then call the police. The UltraSonics agents will tell the police that the Target was trying to rob their house.
Since a mentally ill person cannot be forcible committed to a mental institution if they pose no threat to society, UltraSonics will try to drive mentally ill people out of control by attacking them with these sonic weapons. If driven out of control, a mentally ill person could be forcible committed to a mental institution for an indefinite period of time. Not many people would listen to a person who appears to have a mental condition complaining about invisible bullets striking them.
Law enforcement will be of little to no help. I tried the local police and got smart remarks and laughs. The local police told me that a person could not be targeted in a house. And when I mentioned sonic weapons, the police thought someone was playing a loud radio in front of my house. The local police did have a patrol car watch my house for a few days but the police don’t understand that these weapons are fired from inside a neighboring house. Without special detection equipment for the targeting system and weapons, no evidence can be produced for the police. I tried calling and writing the FCC and ATF and got no response. I did manage to contact a FBI agent. The FBI agent told me that he was unaware of the existence of the weapons. The agent did a little checking for me and informed me that there is no law making it illegal to own this type of surveillance equipment and sonic weapons. The agent said it would be illegal to use the surveillance equipment and sonic weapons to eavesdrop and attack people, though. The agent also told me that the FBI could not help me unless I could prove the surveillance equipment and sonic weapons were in fact being used against me. Since I have no detection equipment to detect the surveillance equipment and the sonic weapons leave no physical marks on the human body after being attacked, I could provide no evidence to support my claims. I asked the agent where I could obtain detection equipment, and he told me he had no idea. The agent entered my name, address, and Web Page URL into the agency computer database and assured me that if I were killed by the sonic weapon attacks, the FBI would conduct a full and complete investigation.
Detection equipment that can detect the radar wavelengths that this through wall imaging technology is using to detect the Target is needed. A detection device would have to be placed near the Target and when the targeting system scans the room for the Target, the detection device would give some type of audible warning. The detection device could record the detection of the radar signals in order to provide the police with evidence of the electronic assault. I don’t think it would be easy to detect the sonic waves that the sonic weapons fire because the waves are focused and only fired when the Target is found with the targeting system. If you attempted to detect the sonic wave, the detection device would have to be in the exact spot of where the sonic wave passes for it to detect the sonic wave, and the chances of this happening would be slim. The detection device for the through wall targeting system should be the best way to go. It would probably be similar to car radar detectors that detect police radar in speed traps.
People who live in apartments should also be concerned about UltraSonics. If UltraSonics discovers a Target that is living in an apartment, UltraSonics could move into a nearby apartment with their surveillance equipment and weapons. If there is an apartment on any side of the Target’s apartment that is vacant, the Target could be in trouble. The distance between my house and the house that UltraSonics agents are operating out of is around 30 feet. Just imagine what UltraSonics could do to the Target in an apartment directly under the Target’s apartment, a few feet.
I believe the through wall targeting system and the non-lethal sonic weapon are two separate units. I’m mentioning this because this through wall targeting system is not limited to just targeting non-lethal weapons, it can also be used to target lethal weapons as well. This targeting system is pin-point-accurate when used from a neighboring house. I’m sure this targeting system can be used to target a high-powered rifle. I often see the militia on TV training with guns to protect themselves from the government. If any militia members read this web page, please be aware that this targeting system can be used to assassinate a person in their sleep. If it’s used against you, you won’t even get a chance to defend yourself. You can’t see, feel, or hear the targeting system. The detection device for this targeting system will be a necessity in the near future.
Am I a Paranoid Schizophrenic? You decide. I urge you to keep an open mind, though. Several on-line Internet doctors that have read this web page have diagnosed me as a Paranoid Schizophrenic. With recent school shootings, UltraSonics could be expanding. I heard on television that public school counselors have been given guidelines for detecting problem children in public schools. If parents are unresponsive to a school counselor’s concerns about the child, the school counselor could turn the information over to UltraSonics. If any neighbor on any side of the problem child’s house lets UltraSonics use their home, UltraSonics will begin its surveillance of the entire family. The family will never know they are under surveillance. I only discovered I was under surveillance after UltraSonics let me know. UltraSonics will build a complete profile of every person living in that house.
A person seeking professional help from a psychiatrist and believing that their sessions with that psychiatrist are private may be in for a rude awakening. Psychiatrists use UltraSonics to go after mentally ill people that they feel are a threat to society. If a psychiatrist feels that a person that they are treating is a threat to society, the psychiatrist could turn the information over to UltraSonics. The psychiatrist may even work with UltraSonics to get the person forcible committed to a mental institution.
The action that UltraSonics takes after the surveillance period is over depends on the Target under surveillance. UltraSonics chose to try to drive me insane and out of control with their psychological warfare tactics and non-lethal weapons. I was told that UltraSonics would even try to set the Target up for a big fall. UltraSonics knows just about everything about the Target, so finding a way to set the Target up is easy. The problem child could also be set up, if UltraSonics can find no other solution that will satisfy them. UltraSonics sometimes uses what is called a “Human Torpedo” to assist in the big fall of the Target. This “Human Torpedo” is an UltraSonics agent that will gain the trust of the Target and become their friend, and when it’s time for the big fall, this torpedo will take part in the destruction of the Target.
UltraSonics had no problem with violating my rights and the rights of the people who live and work with me. How far will UltraSonics go? Will we have a “High Tech Era of McCarthyism”? If so, UltraSonics will have a black list of its Targets, and if an employer hires a person on that black list, UltraSonics will do surveillance of that employer and then attack that employer with non-lethal weapons. UltraSonics is a bunch of extremist people who can’t get their way through legal means, so they have obtained advanced technology and weapons to try to get their way through terrorizing people. What is incredible to me is that UltraSonics could be using taxpayers’ money to carry out this domestic terrorism.
If UltraSonics ever attacks you, my advice to you would be to keep a cool head. The team of specialist, including doctors and psychiatrists, who have studied and analyzed you, will know how to push your buttons. UltraSonics agents will use this information, from the specialists, to try to get you to commit a violent act. Please be aware that a violent act includes as small of a criminal offense as slashing a tire on an UltraSonics agent’s car. If you do commit a violent act and you are caught by law enforcement and you tell law enforcement that you committed the violent act in retaliation for UltraSonics shooting invisible bullets at you, you could be forcible placed in a mental institution for psychiatric evaluation. Don’t bother to try to explain to a psychiatrist what UltraSonics has done to you because the psychiatrist will just diagnosis you as a Paranoid Schizophrenic and you can be forced to take medication. Even if you don’t have a mental problem, the psychiatrist will label you a Schizophrenic who could be a danger to society. Remember a mentally ill person can’t be forced into a mental institution unless they commit a violent act. If you tell law enforcement or psychiatrists that UltraSonics is shooting invisible bullets at you, they will label you mentally ill. If you are going to commit a violent act to get even with UltraSonics, and in doing so, you get caught by law enforcement, under no circumstances mention the attacks by UltraSonics to anyone. If the police officer that is interrogating you about the crime you just committed knows you have been targeted by UltraSonics, the police officer may try to coach you into telling him you committed the violent act in retaliation for the attacks by UltraSonics. Telling law enforcement about the attacks by UltraSonics will guarantee you a one-way ticket to a mental institution.
Psychiatrist use a check list method for detecting mental illness. You think people are watching you at home, check. You think people are watching you at work, check. You think people are following you around, check. You think people are shooting invisible bullets at you, check. You think your TV set is trying to tell you something, check. You think the walls in your office are trying to tell you something, check. You hear voices that no one else can hear, check. If you have any history of mental illness in your family, that is a big check mark against you. UltraSonics knows how psychiatrists think, this is one reason why UltraSonics moves into the house next door to the Target and follows the Target to work. UltraSonics uses their high tech surveillance equipment, sonic weapons, and the other psychological warfare tactics to lay the groundwork for your sessions with a psychiatrist. As you tell your incredible story to the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist’s eyes will roll back and psychiatrist will just stop listening to you after a short period of time. And try telling your story at your competency hearing. No one will believe you. Once the psychiatrist determines you are mentally ill, all others, including the judge, the prosecutor, your lawyer, your family members, and your friends, will follow suit. The psychiatrist’s determination means everything in a court of law. Since you have no evidence to support your claims about the attacks against you by UltraSonics, you will be found mentally ill by the court and you will be placed in a mental institution to undergo treatment for your mental illness. Your stay in the mental institution is indefinite; you can be held in the mental institution until the psychiatrists determine that you are no longer a threat to society, which may never occur. Good Luck!
The people you tell about the attacks by UltraSonics on yourself should be limited to only those people you totally trust. It is an extremely bad idea to tell your friends and co-workers whom you don’t totally trust. People will treat you differently if they think you are mentally ill. Rumors will spread about you and people will avoid you like the plague. If you tell your boss that the reason you’re so tired at work is because UltraSonics is keeping you awake at night by firing invisible bullets at you, your job could be placed in jeopardy. Your boss will assume he now has a mentally ill employee and will try to get rid of you. If you can, avoid telling any co-workers and your boss. Family members you tell, thinking they are acting in your best interest, could try to have you forcible committed to a mental institution for psychiatric evaluation. UltraSonics is doing constant surveillance of your home and will be able to hear all conversations that occur in your home, even when you’re not home. If they can, UltraSonics will try to orchestrate your family into forcibly committing you to the mental institution.
UltraSonics agents living next door could try to become friends with your family members. From the surveillance that was done of your entire family, UltraSonics agents will know just about everything about your family members too. UltraSonics agents will smile and act like they are your family’s best friends. They will try to get family members to tell them about your situation and out of the kindness of their heart, will try to guide your family into doing the right thing that they feel is best for a person suffering from a potentially dangerous mental condition. Avoid situations such as this.
If UltraSonics does succeed in getting you to commit a violent act and you’re committed to a mental institution forcible, you have my sympathy. I don’t know how far this conspiracy goes, but if these weapons are being used in mental institutions to attack mentally ill patients, you could be in for a rough ride. Family members believing you are mentally ill, will do little to help you, and doctors, psychiatrists, and law enforcement either don’t believe or deny the weapons exist, so your pretty much on your own. If you turn violent in the mental ward, you could be restrained and sedated. These weapons leave no marks on the human body after being attacked, so you have no evidence to support your claims. Since your stay in the mental institution is indefinite, your fate is in the hands of the psychiatrists at the mental institution. The more you resist by telling the psychiatrists you have no mental problem and you don’t belong in a mental institution, the worse the sonic weapon attacks on you will become. The powerful ultrasonic waves that these weapons produce cut through walls with ease, so there is no where to hide in a padded room from these weapons. They can turn you into a walking zombie, by attacking you with sonic weapons to deny you sleep. Nobody will hear your screams for help, and to anyone from the outside world, you will appear to be just another crazy psycho.
I don’t know exactly what the qualifications are for becoming a Target of UltraSonics. I believe the cop in my neighborhood used his influence to persuade UltraSonics to target me, so I’m wondering who are the primary Targets of UltraSonics? This equipment and non-lethal weapons were not obtained just for me. UltraSonics has devices that can artificially create symptoms of schizophrenia in a human. Why would someone develop such devices? Have medical doctors and psychiatrists created phony mental illnesses to explain the artificial symptoms that these sonic weapons produce when used on humans? Has a “Final Solution” been developed for mentally ill people where mentally ill people are sought-out and attacked by UltraSonics so they can be driven out of control and forcible committed to a mental institution? Once mentally ill people have been forcible committed to the mental institution, are these sonic weapons being used in mental institutions to attack mentally ill patients to insure that they can’t be released back into society?
UltraSonics agents have been well trained. The best minds in psychiatry have written the playbook for UltraSonics agents. UltraSonics is trying to be a social engineer, and they will use all means necessary to create the society they feel is the proper one. UltraSonics agents seem to feel they are untouchable and above the law because they are in possession of technology that can be used to attack people with no risk of prosecution by law enforcement. Another thing I noticed about UltraSonics over the year is that they continue to use the same old tactics over and over again on me. Even though these tactics have totally failed to produce their desired results, they continue to persist with them. When a football team uses the same plays over and over again, eventually the opposition team will learn all their plays and the team will be defeated. Since UltraSonics did illegal surveillance of me and learned everything about me, I thought that it’s only fair that I tell as many people as possible everything about UltraSonics. Isn’t that fair?
Well, I just wanted to say thanks for reading this web page. Please tell other people about UltraSonics and their technology and weapons. The one thing I noticed about UltraSonics is that they don’t like publicity. Please post this information in other forums that have a similar topic and/or add a URL to my main web page. Also please send this information to any law enforcement agency, civil liberties group, or news media organization you know of. Please continue to read the other links on the previous web page. Remember that UltraSonics is able to get away with its activities because not many Americans know of this technology or believe that any group would go to all the trouble to harass one person. Even if you don’t live in New Jersey, you should be concerned about UltraSonics because UltraSonics has at least one division in every state in the USA and several divisions in several states. I have a strong technical background which made it easy for me to figure out what UltraSonics was shooting at me, may God help the person that is targeted if they don’t understand what UltraSonics is shooting at them.
[3] Air Force Plan: Hack Your Nervous System
by on February 13, 2006
David Hambling, author of Weapons Grade: How Modern Warfare Gave Birth to Our High-Tech World.
The brain has always been a battlefield. New weapons might be able to hack directly into your nervous system.
“Controlled Effects” (see image, right) is one of the Air Forces ambitious long-term challenges. It starts with better and more accurate bombs, but moves on to discuss devices that “make selected adversaries think or act according to our needs… By studying and modeling the human brain and nervous system, the ability to mentally influence or confuse personnel is also possible.“
The first stage is technology to remotely create physical sensations. They give the example of the Active Denial System “people zapper” which uses a high-frequency radiation similar to microwaves as a non-lethal means of crowd control.
Other weapons can affect the nervous system directly. The Pulsed Energy Projectile fires a short intense pulse of laser energy. This vaporizes the outer layer of the target, creating a rapidly-expanding expanding ball of plasma. At different power levels, those expanding plasmas could deliver a harmless warning, stun the target, or disable them — all with pinpoint laser precision from a mile away.
Early reports on the effects of PEPs mentioned temporary paralysis, then thought to be related to ultrasonic shockwaves. It later became apparent that the electromagnetic pulse caused by the expanding plasma was triggering nerve cells.
Details of this emerged in a heavily-censored document released to Ed Hammond of the Sunshine Project under the Freedom if Information Act. Called Sensory consequence of electromagnetic pulsed emitted by laser induced plasmas, it described research on activating the nerve cells responsible for sensing unpleasant stimuli: heat, damage, pressure, cold. By selectively stimulating a particular nociceptor, a finely tuned PEP might sensations of say, being burned, frozen or dipped in acid — all without doing the slightest actual harm.
The skin is the easiest target for such stimulation. But, in principle, any sensory nerves could be triggered. The Controlled Effects document suggests it may be possible to create synthetic imagesto confuse an individual’ s visual sense or, in a similar manner, confuse his senses of sound, taste, touch, or smell.
In other words, it may be possible to use electromagnetic means to create overwhelming ‘sound’ or ‘light’, or indeed ‘intolerable smell’ which would exist only in the brain of the person perceiving them.
There is another side as well. The sensory consequences document also notes that the nervous system which controls muscles could be influenced to cause what they call Taser-like motor effects. The stun guns ability to shock the muscles into malfunction is relatively crude; we might now be looking at are much more targeted effects.