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War on CaliforniaWoman's Image Burned onto Wall in Flash Death

Woman's Image Burned onto metal wall during Santa Rosa Fire

What is this image. Is this a person's possible death by flash incineration recorded by the flames themselves inside a trailer sitting in the street in front of a home that was hit by directed energy weapons around 2:00 a.m. on October 8, 2017?  Could she have taken refuge in the trailer? She's holding something - a child?

The title picture was photographed by a videographer walking through the streets of Santa Rosa after the fire. It is the only known picture of a possible death recorded during this fire. She may have been holding something in her arms. Can you tell what it is?

On October 8, 2017, Santa Rosa, California was attacked by directed energy weapons in the form of lasers and particle beam weapons (disintegrate objects to dust like the twin towers on 9-11 before your eyes) and set on fire in the middle of the night when most people would have been asleep and unaware they were about to be killed. Cars, homes, concrete, metal and glass melted but plastic objects such as trash cans and children's play sets were left standing.

This was no forest fire because the trees did not burn. Various colored lasers have been photographed extending from the sky down towards the earth, starting the fire and keeping it burning or intensifying it. This indicates that this was a man-made phenomena and it resulted in the known deaths of at least 40 persons, the disruption of thousands of lives, loss of homes and personal property and the loss of loved ones and pets. This is war, an attack on private citizens by certain agencies and people controlling environmental weather and the military application of advanced weaponry. Officials are attributing the severity of the fire to diablo winds, which does not explain the extremely high temperatures and is a lie. "Authorities" are covering this up. See "Effects of Directed Energy Weapons."

                                                                                    This above photo reminds one of the images
                                                                                     left on walls and sidewalks after the atomic  
                                                                                     blast in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, when
                                                                                     a US B-29 bomber unleashed the uranium
                                                                                    missile, which exploded around 1,800 feet
                                                                                    above the ground. The horrifying attack
                                                                                    destroyed the city centre and wiped out
                                                                                   70,000 people instantly, with thousands
                                                                                   more dying from radiation poisoning over
                                                                                   the subsequent days, weeks and months.

At 8.15 in the morning, the devastating bomb was dropped. Such was the ferocity of the blast, eerie shadows of incinerated humans were left imprinted on steps, pavements and walls. The haunting impressions were caused by the heat of the explosion, which changed the colour of surfaces – hence the outline of bodies and objects that absorbed some of the blast.  The shadows of Hiroshima: Haunting imprints of people killed by the blast