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A New World Order Globalist scheme is underway to electronically enslave every human on the planet by connecting everyone’s brain to a computer with a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) to make each person part of the Internet of Things (“IoT”). Targeted Individuals are medical test subjects being covertly implanted with an electronic Wireless Medical Body Area Network (“BAN”) while they are sleeping or during medical procedures. The BAN is made up of (1) an Artificial Intelligence system which connects the brain to a radio network and cochlear implant for 2-way radio communication, (2) a cell phone internet/computer interface using Bluetooth or Zigbee, (3) RFID chip tracking devices (“CTTL”), (4) heart and lung monitors, (5) blood pH, blood oxygen, glucose, temperature and carbon dioxide monitors, (6) sensory implants in the eyes, ears, face, nose and throat which record what you say, hear, see and smell, (7) choking technology in throat, (8) pressure and motion sensors in arms, legs, feet and buttocks, (9) accelerometers, (10) liquid crystal and nano devices in the blood, (11) neurostimulators on nerves and muscles to vibrate and heat the body to control the target with pain and (12) implants for electronic rape. Covert implants can be injected into the brain using a long needle inserted up through the sinuses, through the eye sockets or through the top of the mouth.
TI’s are slaves to the implants, V2K and neural monitoring. They are tortured mercilessly with shocking, vibrating, burning and pain. Cell towers, phone antennas and drones direct energy at them to activate their implants, to keep the target from sleeping, to erase their memory, degrade their health and evoke extreme emotions. TI’s are antagonized to provoke an event during which the target reacts to their torture and is accused by authorities of being a criminal or mentally ill. They are wrongly kidnapped for “mental health” exams, forcibly drugged and implanted.
If it can happen to anyone, it can happen to you. This violates every right you thought you had. The new BAN healthcare system is meant to remotely monitor, control and punish every citizen! It is a torture sy

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International Edition, 2015
"This book is a must to understand the years of research conducted by Dr Rauni Kilde, always alongside the victims, and about how the modern world is secretly run by unknown forces, terrorizing the population, as if it was their puppet, by mass media manipulations, but also by the mind control, using secret military weapons, made of directed energy, from bases to the ground like HAARP, and also satellites, using beams of electromagnetic waves, and masers, and targeting innocent civilians, who are called targeted Individuals or TI, and that through electronic tortures and harassments done by gang stalkings." - by TI from France "nobody will help us , no police, no doctours, no governments- only our energy and knowledge about this technology will do it"-last words of late Rauni Kilde MD
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Handbook of Biomedical Telemetry

Wireless Body Area Networks Technology, Implementation, and Applications
Edited by Jamil Y . Khan

Implantable Bioelectronics
Evgeny Katz (Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-527-33525-1
472 pages
May 2014
Here the renowned editor Evgeny Katz has chosen contributions that cover a wide range of examples and issues in implantable bioelectronics, resulting in an excellent overview of the topic. The various implants covered include biosensoric and prosthetic devices, as well as neural and brain implants, while ethical issues, suitable materials, biocompatibility, and energy-harvesting devices are also discussed.
A must-have for both newcomers and established researchers in this interdisciplinary field that connects scientists from chemistry, material science, biology, medicine, and electrical engineering.
Table of Contents
Implantable Bioelectronics -
Editorial Introduction
Magnetically-Functionalised Cells: Fabrication, Characterization and Biomedical Applications
Untethered Insect Interfaces
Miniaturized Biomedical Implantable Devices
Cross-Hierarchy Design Exploration for Implantable Electronics
Neural Interfaces: From Human Nerves to Electronics
Cyborgs -
The Neuro-Tech Version
Interacting with Implanted Devices Through Implanted User Interfaces
Ultra-Low Power and Robust On-Chip Digital Signal Processing for Closed-Loop Neuro-Prosthesis
Implantable CMOS Imaging Devices
Implanted Wireless Biotelemetry
Nano-Enabled Implantable Device for In-Vivo Glucose Monitoring
Improving the Biocompatibility of Implantable Bioelectronics Devices
Abiotic (Non-Enzymatic) Implantable Biofuel Cells
Direct Electron Transfer Based Enzymatic Fuel Cells In Vitro, Ex Vivo, and In Vivo
Enzymatic Fuel Cells: From Design to Implantation in Mammals
Implanted Biofuel Cells Operating In Vivo
Biomedical Implantable Systems----History, Design and Trends
Brain Computer Interfaces: Ethical and Policy Considerations
Conclusions and Perspectives
Providing a detailed overview of the fundamentals and latest developments in the field of energy autonomous microsystems, this book delivers an in-depth study of the applications in the fields
of health and usage monitoring in aeronautics, medical implants, and home automation, drawing out the main specifications on such systems. Introductory information on photovoltaic, thermal and mechanical energy harvesting, and conversion, is given, along with the latest results in these fields. This book also provides a state of the art of ultra-low power sensor interfaces, digital signal processing and wireless communications. In addition, energy optimizations at the sensor node and sensors network levels are discussed, thus completing this overview.This book details the challenges and latest techniques available to readers who are interested in this field. A major strength of this book is that the first three chapters are application orientated and thus, by setting the landscape, introduce the technical chapters. There is also a good balance between the technical application, covering all the system-related aspects and, within each chapter, details on the physics, materials and technologies associated with electronics.




Closing The Gap
by GmB Bailey
Are you being followed around by groups of people that you don't know?
Strange occurrences? Losing jobs, having to move, and a whole lot of bad luck that just can't be explained? Feeling as if you are being watched?
Under surveillance?
Closing the Gap takes a deeper look in how
laws are being perverted to blacklist and target innocent people and put them on notification lists, once listed, the persons life slowly starts to fall apart.Complaint after complaint about groups of strangers following and stalking go unheard. Harassment by strangers in the community goes ignored by authorities, and an innocent persons life starts to fall apart and they never know why








Weapons Grade: How Modern Warfare Gave Birth to Our High-Tech World Hardcover – March 10, 2005
by David Hambling (Author)
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David Hambling tells the fascinating story of human ingenuity and the complex world it has created—a world at once safer and yet more perilous than ever. Throughout history, war and the threat of war have driven innovation and accelerated the uptake of new technology—from the nomadic warriors who introduced the stirrup and the kebab to the world, to the British Navy’s funding of Marconi’s newfangled radio. Since 1945 the relationship between military needs and modern business has grown ever closer, especially in the United States.

With the skills of a master storyteller, Hambling traces the history of this relationship in the modern era and shows how precision eye surgery emerged out of the military quest for a “death ray,” how transistors and silicon chips initially helped build better bombs, and exactly why the 747 has such a distinctive shape. Hambling explores the current cutting edge of modern military research as he seeks to identify the technologies that will transform our lives in the decades to come. If history does repeat itself, Weapons Grade is much more than the story of how we got to where we are; it is the story of where we are going, for better or worse.