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Public Help Needed As California USA Government Climate Offices Are Put On Notice About Geoengineering
Posted on December 16, 2015 by Clare Swinney
Fellow Activists, This is a very important and time sensitive call to action related to geoengineering. As you know, countries around the world are expected to sign the Paris Climate Agreement this December. This agreement, if passed, will allow an unelected body, the UN/ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to micro manage our lives by massive taxation and other oppressive means without our input or the input of our legislators. It will circumvent constitutions, national sovereignty and laws that protect individual freedoms around the world. Even more troubling, the agreement will provide a framework to approve and legalize geoengineering without the input of the public or legislators in countries around the world.
Discussion of climate issues has focused on CO2 and ignored ongoing geoengineering programs that are a major cause of our changing climate. Because of this, it makes all climate models at best flawed and at worst fraudulent when developed by those who are aware of these clandestine programs. Even legislators concerned about global warming are not aware of the threat presented by the Paris Climate Agreement that will strip them of their power and ability to have legislative authority in their respective districts and regions. This removal of power will undoubtedly limit the way we live and our ability in the future to live in constitutional republics and democratic societies.
It is essential that we reach out to our legislators and educate them of the planned agenda to strip them of their power, authority and ability to govern in a free society. It is also essential that geoengineering be stopped and all climate talks, mandates and legislation be stopped before it is too late. The following is a letter that we drafted and request that you send it to your local, state and federal legislators.” – Michael J. Murphy


Barren land, dams with no water, boats anchored in dried-up reservoirs and shrinking lake levels. These extraordinary images show the devastating impact the worst droughts in decades is having on the American West and predictions are it is likely to continue.
Around 430,000 acres of land will be left fallow in California because not enough rain or snow is coming from the nearby mountain ranges. Farmers who are daily facing the prospect of losing everything they have are hoping for relief this winter. The images, taken from the October issue of National Geographic.